I’m not in charge…

Enjoying a chocolate ice cream cone in the bath.

I had a bike ride all planned a couple mornings ago. I was all gung ho and planned on a 90 minute ride. Someone had different ideas though, and woke up. Stroller it is. I draw the line at sitting a child out in the garage in 85 degrees and 100% humidity and no air flow to watch me ride the trainer. Yes, I am not in charge. The little boy is. No need to get greedy. I think I finally hit a sweet spot where I’m getting to do most the training I want to do, provided I take Jaspy with me some of the time. Not a bad deal. This morning I had 9 mile run ( yes, on a weekday!) and I decided this is not the time to change it up. BUT, our recent vacation was a reminder that things change. Jaspy is really on the cusp on doing a lot more. The day will come where he’s riding bikes and able to sleep all night and go camping, and can talk a little better and will understand things much more. Anyhow, the bicycle awaits…

That’s about all I’ve got. It’s full fledged summer here and I’m trying not to fight it and just savor our days at the pool. Fall marathon training makes me happy. And I’m creeping into the big miles. 18 this weekend and the first 20 miler next. Have I mentioned that spending the afternoon in the pool after a long run feels great on tired legs?

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