Running family and the sunglasses black hole…

My running family minus the black and white one , aka Pancake

Lately we’ve been a running family…..and it is awesome. Mike started running when I was pregnant with Jasper, but didn’t really take off with it until about a year ago. He set a new distance PR this week of 4.4 miles. He has no desire to race and just wants a healthy efficient way to get some exercise. But it does mean that I get a running partner from time to time. I really get three, because if Mike meets me to run I push Jaspy in the stroller and he deals with Pancake who is really the harder one with her leash antics.

Saturday I had an amazing 18 miler. I opted to go solo. I adore my running friends, but no one is marathon training right now, and I really hate going ultra early to get in miles on my own to get my full distance covered. I feel a little safer sticking to my hood if I need to go early. I broke the run into chunks: 7 miles easy in the flat part of the hood, stop by the house and refuel, 7 miles of hills, then 4 miles of family run so I guess I wasn’t completely solo. It went by pretty fast this way, and there is something very empowering about finishing off a long one (mostly) on my own. The rest of the day was insanely, crazy busy and it was one of those weekend days I just shoved random food into my face in between outings never getting to sit down. Not a fan of weekends that are that busy, but it happens. Sunday was quieter at least, and Despicable Me 2 is awesome. Yay for movie weekends.

On a totally unrelated note, I’m about to be on my 4th pair of Oakley sunglasses. Once you try these you’ll never go back to cheapies again. Hello, they do not fog up at all when you run, they do not slip with sweat and they do not pinch your ears. But they are super expensive and I discovered Oakleys never,ever go on sale. I also have a talent for losing them. This summer has been particularly disastrous and I will spare you the details, especially of time TWO pairs got lost within a two week time frame. Anyhow,I just ordered a replacement and I am taking a vow….if this pair gets lost it’s back to the cheap, fogging, sliding, ear pinching variety. Or I may end up spending more on sunglasses than full time childcare. Ouch.

Ok…per the monitor, the little lollipop eater just fell asleep. That means yoga core for me, then catching up on HBO to go. True Blood is getting really good. How did I not watch it first time around?

1 thought on “Running family and the sunglasses black hole…”

  1. True Blood is AMAZING! I don’t have HBO but I’ve been lucky that they usually run a True Blood marathon when Directv has a HBO trial weekend. I like the books too but I think the show is better. I’ve gotten a double jogging stroller and so we’ve had a few family runs as well….2 kids, 2 dogs, Michael, and me. I love that we can do that but I also love my solo runs.

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