The terrible wonderful run…

An old photo of the black and white one on a run...
An old photo of the black and white one on a run…

I had 20 on the schedule for this morning.    I had a whole post planned about getting through a long run solo after I had such a great 18 miler last weekend.   I was feeling like a badass, and I was confident.  Got a so-so night of sleep, got up and got dressed, and started assembling all my stuff and a little voice said “come with us?”  (translation:  I want to go on the run with you.”.  Mike didn’t show any signs of life, and I felt like a jerk if I said “wake up and deal with this child”, so come with us it was.

I left 30 minutes later than planned with all the extra snack gathering and redoing Jaspy’s dinosaur “tattoos” that he requested the night before (done with a Sharpie, if goths can use it for eyeliner, little boys can use it for tattoos).  Anyhow, off we went.  My longest run with a stroller ever is 8 miles.  We usually do about 6-7.  I was hoping I could push it past 10 today and then have less than 10 on my own.  We saw tons of deer out and a took the wetlands trails and saw a mass take off of about 20 egrets.  Sharing these moments with my little boy is something special, as I have always believed there are special rewards for those who get up before sunrise.  The stroller slows me down some and I started thinking 20 was going to take awhile.  Jaspy and I sang songs and had a wonderful time together.  10.5 miles later, we hit the house.  This time I did scream for Mike to wake up and deal with the child, since the longer I stayed at home the less appealing 10 more miles in the heat seemed.  Did I mention it was super humid?

Anyhow, the black and white one (aka Pancake) was dancing and wimpering around me.  She clearly wanted a run.  Uggg, more delay as I search for the leash and get her out the door.  I finally break into a rhythm and a poop break stops it (Pancake’s break, not mine).  We do 4 miles together and it is mostly wonderful.  Pancake is 13 and I know her days of running are numbered.  And running with a border collie is watching pure joy in front of your eyes.  They love it.  But it was hot.  And humid.  At one point I might have decided to go online when I was done and look for jobs in Colorado.  I also might have fantasized about popsicles.

The start/ stopping run was taking its toll.  10 miles with a stroller ain’t no joke.  Did I already mention the humidity?   I made myself a deal:  20 miles or 3 hours whichever comes first.  I knew good and well 3 hours probably would since both my partners create a slower pace.  But in my head I convinced my it was just as good as 20 miles.

I got home, shoved Cake in the door and yelled “Dropping off the black and white one!”, and headed out for another at least 4 miles.  This is where I thought the run was Suckville.  By now the sun is glaring, and I KNOW there is coffee waiting at home since I smelled it on drop off #2.  I managed 18.2 and called it.  10 + miles pushing a stroller, plus 8 more, in the summer still = badass territory.  Not that I think I am anything but a very tired, headachy, dork who will end up sleeping in compression socks tonight.  But I’m counting this one.  Long run box checked.

4 thoughts on “The terrible wonderful run…”

  1. I have no idea why I’ve been having trouble commenting.. let’s see if this one goes through… in any case, you’re amazing to be getting 20 milers done in July in TX!! I don’t know how you do it!

    1. Thanks! I sometimes have issues with commenting as well. I don’t think mobile devices like WordPress very much. As for the run, I run pretty slow in the summer. That’s the only way. Good luck on your move and hang in there!

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