Yellow dragons, moonlight, and another bonky Saturday…

Sport of choice…not running.

I know I just seem to rehash long run details for all my blog posts, but nothing is really going on. I have some work stress and have found some new recipes to try, but is any of that really all that interesting? And, since this is a running blog, long run talk it is.

Today was “only” 16 miles. I had plans to meet friends for about half and then do half on my own. I haven’t met a friend to run in about 3 weeks now, so I was really looking forward to it. Plus, I don’t see much of my friends anyways, and sometimes I just miss that time! I ate a good dinner and put out my run stuff the night before and went to bed early for a 4:10 wake up. Thunder woke me up about 11:30. It actually woke up everyone, as Cake was freaked out and Jasper was crying. I went into his room and it was quite cute that he was crying about a dream. ” Yellow dragon is getting away. Get it back, “, he sobbed. Despite how wonderful it is he Iives in a world with colored dragons, he needed to get back to sleep. After close to an hour we ended up with Mike in the guest room and Jaspy in bed with me but he was asleep, and me thinking ” if I fall asleep right now I’ll have 4 hours sleep, that’s plenty, right?”

The dreaded alarm goes off at 4:10. After one snooze, I am up, planning to be at town lake at 5am for 4 miles before meeting my friends. The little blond head next to me to breathing heavily in deep sleep. Yes! I quietly get ready and head downstairs and start shoveling my pre-run banana in. Mid shovel, I hear, coming from the stairs “Mommy? Where are you?” Ahhhhhh!!! It’s 445, I was just about to leave. Now I have a dilemma. Wake up Mike and say “Deal with this little child”, and head off to meet friends and feel like a shithead the whole time, or deal with the little child and take him for a stroller run and text a cancel message to running friends. I chose, the stroller and the cancel in the name of marital harmony

We started out at 5am for our stroller run. Who the hell does that on a Saturday? Me. Yes, fully aware of what a loser I am. I admit to frustration. I was looking so forward to a town lake friend run. A couple miles of negative thoughts go by and I hear ” Oh, mommy, look at moon. See it mommy?” And yep, just like that I couldn’t be too irritated with the situation. My favorite person in the world is on a run with me in the moonlight. Life is good, minus the 100% humidity.

8 miles later we hit the house and Jasper was fully encouraged to wake Mike up. Marital harmony is now over. Time to get up and take the little amateur astronomer. 8 more miles to go.

The good news: I finished strong at race pace. Also, I finished. Today was brutal. I ran out of water two miles to go, which in 100% humidity is like playing Russian roulette. I got home and needed a “Hello, my name is Bonky” name tag. Mega bonk once I was home, hence the smoothie and the breakfast taco.

I got my run done the best way I could. I missed my friends, but overall everyone was happy. I am tired now! There could be another post on all the crap we did today, but I will spare you. Bed is calling as I am just now remembering that 4 hours of sleep.



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