Boring post week…

I’ve started a gazillion posts this week and not finished them. They just seemed so boring, I couldn’t bring mself to publish them. This is pretty much a running blog and running is going along pretty routinely, but nothing too epic or exciting. I need to escape by neighborhood for some different routes. So how about some things I’ve been enjoying lately:

1. Fish tacos. We made awesome fish tacos this week. I got the recipe from food.tv.com. Tilapia is cheaper than buying chicken and it really grills up nicely. We did screw up with whole wheat tortillas for a healthier version, so sorry, for fish tacos you gotta go with corn. I definitely have a new favorite Sunday dinner….

2. Podcasts. I love listening to podcasts while I work. I mostly listen to running/ health related stuff to keep me motivated. I’ve totally been digging the Rich Roll podcast (very long interviews, which make it good for passing time at work…loved this week’s interview with the Cro-Mag’s singer). I also loved Another Mother Runner’s podcast this week full of book recommendations. Too bad I don’t read as much lately, but this is motivation for me to finish my current book and order some new ones. I could not work at a computer without podcasts!

3. Yoga core. I’ve talked before about the little 15 minute core DVD my friend Mark gave me forever ago. I’ve been committed to doing it 3-4 times a week all summer. I feel the difference by now! I am not about to post pictures of my “abs” (especially since I do not have them), but I feel much less slouchy on long runs and my hips don’t get as sore. I really recomemend that every runner find a little core routine you can manage in the evenings. It’s not much time, and while I never want to do it, once I started feeling the results, I was hooked. Those of us who are old and fragile runners have got to make sure we are doing what we need to do to keep running.

5. The fact it’s August. I love fall, especially in Austin because it’s not too cold, and it always means fall marathons 🙂 Summer has flown by thanks to swimming everyday I was off work. While we are stil two months out from fall temps, we are over the hump.

6. Sleep. Jasper has started sleeping through the night a couple nights a week. This is huge. I never thought we’d get here. It’s nice to feel rested. Last night he woke up and wanted to put on red shorts. He doesn’t have red shorts and threw a fit, but I’ll focus on the restful nights for now.

That’s about all I’ve got. It’s a drop down week in traninig for me, so nothing too big on the running front this weekend. I’m just glad it’s here (anyone else just get so tired of M-F chaos and traffic?) I’m sure you’ll find us at the pool all weekend when not running or grilling fish tacos….



4 thoughts on “Boring post week…”

    1. It’s Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior, so something like that. It’s actually a pretty good yoga DVD, even if Bob is annoying. The full 1 hour yoga on there is great, but I very rarely have that much energy at night. It still a good option if you can find time to do it. Good luck!

  1. Just ordered the Bob Harper DVD you mentioned. It got good reviews on Amazon. I’ve been wanting to try yoga for awhile now. A new studio just opened near my house, but the classes are CRAZY expensive!!! Plus, I really need something I can do when I can’t offload the kids. We’ll see how it works out. I may be doing yoga with 2 little monkeys climbing all over me. I am still so amazed that you have a child and are SUCH a good mom. I just remember that we were so anti-baby in college. You are like Supermom now!

    1. The Bob DVD is a little challenging, so be warned…but it’s a great a workout. Some yoga places do have childcare, so look around. Thanks for the nice mom comment. I still prefer kids to babies. It’s so much more fun now that Jasp enjoys doing things, and we aren’t back in the days of nursing and screaming!!

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