Heat, pools, and the fever boy….

A leftover from vacation last month.  Double rainbow.  Not the best light, so I could not do it justice.
A leftover from vacation last month. Double rainbow. Not the best light, so I could not do it justice.

Ready for another long run day recap?  I know, I know, it just doesn’t get more exciting.  Today was “only” 14.  Still a decent amount of running, but nothing like doing 20.  I made plans to meet a couple friends and like clockwork, Jasper was up at 445.  I just don’t get that M-F I only  have a couple days he’s up that early but it never fails on a Saturday.  By now my friends are about to drop me since I flake out every weekend, so I just had to make this one.  I very guiltily left Jasper on the couch at 5 am with a milk, a snack, his blanket, his dragon stuffed animal and his ipad.  I tip toed into the the bedroom and told Mike that Jasper was out there and he could probably manage another half hour or so of sleep.  Jasper protested my leaving and I left feeling like a complete jerk…..and the feeling didn’t let up when I got home and Mike said he actually slept another hour, meaning Jasper sat alone on the couch the whole time.  Oops.

Anyhow, it’s full fledged summer and it’s ugly.  I’ve managed to make it this far without too much whining, but today was brutal with just stupid humidity.   I was glad it was a fall back week, as I don’t know if I could have done 20 today.  I was ready to be done at my 14.  BUT, the good news is I had no soreness or tiredness after.  OMG, training works!  Well sometimes at least.

After the run it was a whirlwind of eating, showering, and heading off to swimming lessons.  Hot humid room with a pool and about 50 children plus parents?  Check.  Nothing like another massive sweat session.  Next, rush to hit the tail end of a kids birthday party, outside at a splash pad.  Another round of losing all fluid reserves from my skin.  Oh yes, and I have a super, exhausted child who’s been up since 445 and who fights sleep the whole way home from the two sweatfests.  No nap.  I consider eating my arm off on the way home as I am now hangry.

Quick lunch for all and off to the pool.  More heat and sweating when not in the water.  The exhausted child slips further into exhaustion as he’s now on water activity number 3 for the day and he’s been up almost 12 hours.  He also has refused anything resembling food.

Falls asleep on the way home after two hours of swimming.  Jasp never naps this late, but we let him for a bit because he seemed so tired.  Wakes up soaked due to a pull up malfunction, and I start laundry load # 4 for the day.  Uggg.  But, the worst part?  The little exhausted child who refused to eat all day is absolutely roasting with fever.  AHHHHHH!!!!  No sick child, please!!!!!!  Too late.  He mopes on the couch and declines food and milk.  Jasper never declines milk.  At 630 he asks to turn off the tv, and asks to take a nap.  This child never voluntarily sleeps, so yep he’s sick.  I stay in his room with him until he’s asleep and I just wonder what the night will bring.  Historically sick child does not = a good night’s sleep.  I also left out the part earlier about getting woken up at 2am and not really falling back asleep.  I’m tired.

So yep, that’s how 14 miles can kick your butt.   I hear True Blood calling.  Time to relax with feet up.    Fever boy may not stay asleep long….


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