Epic treadmilling….

Jasper seemed so sick on Saturday night after our all day outside extravaganza, that I was expecting the worst on Sunday. He slept horribly as I expected, and woke up still feeling feverish, but after an hour or so he was completely fine and was running around. He spent the rest of the day fine and running around. Kids and their fevers are just a mystery to me. No complaints, I was so happy not to spend Sunday in the house all day camped out on the couch with a sick child.

It still made for a kinda crappy run. Jasper got up at 4:30 and since he still wasn’t 100%, I didn’t try and force him on a stroller run. I waited and played with him until about 6:00 and then woke up Mike and asked him to take over while I ran. I was super tired and just never got into a rhythm until the run was almost over, and I really couldn’t push it longer since Mike was waiting for me at home. Today Jasp woke up at 4:30 again (WTF!!!!), and since he was fine, I set him up to play video games on the ipad while I ran on the treadmill. I’ve been watching Big Love on HBO to go, and I was completely happy to knock out another episode, and I even managed a race pace run. I will confess though, as awesome as the treadmill is, I do sometimes miss epic runs. Long trail runs with wildlife sightings, and beautiful scenery. I’ve been overly confined to my neighborhood and the treadmill lately. I was reading blogs, post run while stretching and drinking coffee, and was enjoying the excellent MilePosts blog. The blogger, Dorothy, manages to make treadmill runs and stroller runs sound like epic adventures, and it is so inspiring. It dawned up me that this time in my life is about making these seemingly uninteresting runs my adventures. I love doing them and there is no shame in hopping on the treadmill at 4:45 am, and knocking out race pace miles. Yes, there are those trail running blogs where someone says something like “drove 2 hours to a local state park, put in a 6 hour run on the trails. Here are a bunch of awesome photos of the run.” But I love my little runs I’ve carved out for myself and the trails will come again someday.

In the meantime, I am thankful for really good tv shows on the ipad and my little training partner. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Epic treadmilling….”

  1. Jasper is looking so grown up! Yes, kid fevers are crazy….trying to make sense of them is almost nonsensical. 🙂 you are awesome for knocking those miles out in the early morning.

  2. Summer time means I am poutting 3 runs on TM a week. Only once a week on trails, and those are close-by-know-every-rock-bored-out-of-my mind trails. Yeah, nice to live in CO/PNW and be single…:)

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