My brain hurts…

Would be a super cute picture without Dillard’s in the background…

I am sitting here on Friday night with a 20 miler done! I had to work in my regular day off this week, so I got today off. Last night at dinner, I started thinking about doing my long run today and not have 20 miles over my head for the weekend. I love/ hate the long run as most runners do. I guess I should rephrase that as I love/ hate a solo long run. I long for the days I have a buddy training for the same race as me! But until that happens, I’ve got a lot of solo running.

Anyhow, I proposed the idea to Mike and he was all over the idea of not having to watch Jasper early on a Saturday while I was out running. He could go into work a little later, so long run it is! I originally planned on Friday off running and had done hill repeats Thursday…doh!….but I figured I could handle it.

My plan was 3 loops of my standard 6-7 mile morning loop. This is my bread and butter run that’s pretty easy, and works well if I have to take the stroller. I live in a typical older suburban neighborhood, so we aren’t talking super interesting scenery here. So I did something I don’t usually do and brought my phone and listened to a podcast for the first 13 miles. I swung by my house each loop and grabbed a new bottle of Nuun and a GU. Mike, Jasper and Pancake joined me for a 5 mile chunk and when they were done I did a quick 1.5 miles on my own and watched the Garmin beep 20. Yay me!

Ok, the good , the bad and the ugly: Good: legs were fine and I really never felt tired, and it’s not like I went into the run rested. Quite the opposite. Despite brutally hot and humid weather, I held my own and never slipped into the miseries. I also really like Mocha Cliff Shots! The bad: a little nerve pain in my right foot. Hoping its nothing. The ugly: I had a headache at the start of the run that had actually started the night before. It got worse as the run went on and then throughout the day. Despite a couple rounds of ibuprofen it just got worse as a pretty busy day went on. By late afternoon I had a full migraine as was reduced to setting Jaspy up with a movie and lying on the couch, and not turning my head or making any sudden movements. Ok, it was pretty sweet at he kept saying “mommy, I sit by you” then coming over and kissing my head, but I was seriously wasted. Finally a round of ibuprofen took the edge off and I was able to get off the couch. I’m still pretty headache-y though, and I hope it doesn’t mean I’m getting sick or that I can’t handle a long run. It’s always something, I swear!

Anyhow, Mike went out with friends which is probably for the best. I have a bed and a DVR calling my name.

Up next: a nice spin session, hopefully a run with friends, and …gasp…..a babysitter for the first time in 5 months!!!!

2 thoughts on “My brain hurts…”

  1. Oh no! Sorry about the headache- sounds awful! I’m glad you got the 20 in, I have the same love-hate relationship and really need to find some long run buddies. Enjoy the babysitter!!

  2. Yes, we somehow need to do a virtual long run. Maybe just knowing bloggy friends are out there too would help. I love it but all the while need to psych myself up all week to do it. Why is it so much easier in a race?

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