An Ode to stroller running…

In his new Toothless hat waiting to head out on a run…

Saturday’s run was all I’d hoped it would be. It was soooo nice to hit the trail. Taking a break from the neighborhood was just what I needed. I realized I need to do it more. I will definitely be working in more town lake and brushy creek runs.

Anyhow, Mike was out of town for a good chunk of the weekend and it was just me, Jasp and Cake. Sunday we had a lovely stroller run (all three of us) and I was so thankful to have it as an option, as the morning was nice and cool and I didn’t want to miss getting outside. Here’s my list of all things stroller running:

1. The iPhone makes it possible. Most kids are pretty happy to have Netflix, video games and things electronic in their hands.

2. Filling all the pockets in the stroller is part of the fun. We always bring a milk, a smoothie pouch, an apple sauce, crackers, and sometimes water and GU for me. We don’t need all that food, but it ensures a greater likelihood of getting in all the miles I want.

3. Picking out a blanket for each outing is also part of the ritual.

4. Toothless the stuffed dragon or Baby owl always come with us.

5. It is definitely slower going, but doesn’t feel slower. It’s sorta like running on the trails. The effort is there is just takes longer,so I still count it was a tough workout.

6. It’s a whole body workout for sure. Shoulders, back and core all get worked with the stroller. I once did 6 days straight of stroller runs when Mike was out of town, and then got a massage. During the massage I realized my back and shoulders got a massive workout that week. Ouch.

7. Give it time. I’ve listened to a lot of podcast interviews with runners who said they hated the stroller. It is super hard and awkward at first but you get used to it.

8. Three words: guilt free run. I get my run, Jasper and I spend time together, and Mike sleeps in.

9. The days I don’t run with the stroller I feel Ike I am flying!

10. In the big picture it’s a really short chunk of time that the stroller will come on runs. Jasper asks to go running. That won’t happen forever, and I’m enjoying it while I can.

1 thought on “An Ode to stroller running…”

  1. I love your reasons to run with the stroller! I haven’t take L in a long time for various reasons, but you’re right- it’s an awesome workout, good time with the kiddo, and makes those other runs feel so easy!

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