Mid week rambling…

Funny that I did a post on stroller running and then proceded to run 4 days of stroller running in a row this week.  One thing I failed to mention is I have found as Jasper has gotten bigger that I am slower on the runs, without being able to tell other than what my watch tells me.  I just tell myself it’s more strength training and try not to stress it.   I also coincidentally have a massage scheduled this weekend, and I really feel like I need it after so many miles pushing the stroller.

I’ve been enjoying the DFL ultrarunning podcast lately.  Not sure why I listen to all these ultrarunning podcasts since I don’t run them.  Maybe to remind myself why I quit running them when I hear stories of 40 mile training runs.  Anyhow, I love that it focuses on New England running and smaller, local races.  It is quite true of ultrarunning that there are these almost celebrity types doing big mountain races, and the old school local running club scene kinda has gone by the wayside.  This podcast really plays up that old school feel.  I loved the Vermont 100 episode since I loved the brief time I spent in Vermont, and it was my only 100.  It really is a special, unique event.  Warning:  the production value isn’t the greatest and sound quality can be annoying, but it’s a free podcast so no real complaints!

Other news:  looks like a work conference in November is a no go, so I am considering running the San Antonio marathon for fun.  Pros:  It’s on my birthday, San Antonio is a fun city, Mike and Jasper would go and we would eat yummy food and do a fun kid activity and it’s Formula One weekend in Austin, which is my least favorite event that takes over the city and creates madness.  Cons:  I’ve heard pretty mixed reviews about the marathon.  I ran it before it became big and corporate and enjoyed it even though there were some ugly parts on the course (some nice parts too).  Anyone out there have an opinion on this race?  Anyone doing it?

Ok…work calls….I am soooo ready for the weekend.  This week was uber busy, and I have a long run, a massage, swimming, and family dinner at Black Star.   Can’t wait!!!

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