Texas summer wins again…

A better way to enjoy the summer than running for 2 hours…

Last week was one of those crazy weeks….nothing bad, but Mike had to work every evening so lots of things just fell by the wayside.  It’s amazing how much more two people get done than one!  I was super ready for the weekend running.

Saturday I did 17 and it was one of those Texas summer runs.  I’ve done pretty good all summer pacing myself and not shuffling through the last few miles of a long run due to major heat except a couple times.   Well Saturday was an offical shuffle!  I think my issue was all the water stops provide borderline hot water that my body just wasn’t absorbing, and while I finished, I felt headachy the rest of the day.  That’s just life in the south in the summer.  Sometimes the weather wins.   Having one of Mike’s IPAs, then finding out afterwards the alcohol content was a little higher than normal didn’t help either.  But it is late August already!   Fall is my favorite season and although it is still pretty warm, the 100s start to leave in a couple weeks.   Then I can end my Saturday with porters and pumpkin ales.  🙂

Yoga took a massive hit the last couple weeks since I’ve been the  Jasper watcher most evenings.   I’ve been really good about home practice, but it’s still not the same as a class.  Still, I pat myself on the back for doing it.  The number one rule of being a working mom (even if the hours are European) who wants to run marathons and not get injured is flexibilty and adaptability.  I’d say the number two rule is don’t be ashamed to wear compression socks to bed.  I did all weekend.  A 17 miler and an 8 miler in 80% humidity will create a little soreness.

Anyhow, Mike it OOT so Jasp and I flying solo this week.  Hello treadmill runs and HBO to go!

2 thoughts on “Texas summer wins again…”

  1. Last evening I promised myself to pop a yoga tape while Larry is running and do it…and I set on the couch eating instead for 2 hrs. Damn it, if I don’t get to class – you are much better than me! And yes, summer brings depression every time, no failure. Crazy, but 90’s sound heavenly right about now…

    1. Olga, I’m not that good, it’s really my only option. I find the trick to home practice is keep it short. I can do 20-30 minutes at home, but no way can I do an hour without getting distracted.

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