Treadmilling, and making fall plans!

What I found on my bed when I got out of the shower this morning…

The theme of the week is I am thankful for my treadmill. Jasp has poo-pooed the stroller and in all the back to school commuting traffic hell that is this week, I am glad I at least get a run in each day. Ok, maybe a little dramatic there, but it’s always a little challenging when it’s just me and Jasp. He’s fine; it’s really just getting us both where we need to be each day and getting us back home in the evening at a decent hour. And finding time to cook myself something….big fail so far. It’s all salads and scrambled eggs this week. But knowing I get to run each morning no matter what is just wonderful.

I’m a little sad the pools are now closed during the week. I guess this means summer is almost over? Doesn’t really feel that way, but I am looking forward to it being cool enough to hit the state parks. I think Jasp is old enough to climb Enchanted Rock this fall…and enjoy it. There’s also a good brewery in the area, and a really good bakery. Post hike cupcake or porter? Yep, time to find some new adventures. Doing all your runs on the treadmill definitely leads to some daydreaming!


2 thoughts on “Treadmilling, and making fall plans!”

    1. It makes a huge difference if you are home without help/ childcare. Plus, I imagine your winters can get pretty nasty. It’s so nice it never worry about the weather and always know your run plans will happen. Between that and a bike trainer, you’ll be set! If there’s anyway you can swing the cost I really, really recommend the treadmill.

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