Cheesy carb cravings, viruses, shopping and pool time…..

Fiesta Casserole from Peas and Crayons

What a week! It was a super tough week on the Jaspy front. He somehow undid all the progress we’ve made in a year of speech therapy in a week. Maybe not quite, but I had many moments of “I thought we were over this!” I was super, super ready for a 3 day weekend.

Running: it was actually a cut back week. The long run called for 15. Friday night I felt a little run down with a sore throat and spent the whole weekend battling a minor virus. I was good to run, but never 100%. So a cut back week was for the best. I did my first outdoor/ non treadmill run in a week, and mixed it up with about half with the stroller. It’s funny I just posted on how much I love it because this weekend I started thinking its getting pretty heavy. I’m pushing upwards of 50 pounds at this point. Double and triple stroller users are completely allowed to call me a wimp. I’d like to get a few more months out of it though. Anyhow, Sunday I met Steve and had a nice 7 miler through Hyde Park, and this morning was another hybrid solo/ family run.

Yoga: I’ve been doing home practice for almost a month now! Most of the time I’ve been doing 15-30 minutes worth of DVDs and my Yoga Core that I do regularly. I did the full Bob Harper DVD, and I guess it had been awhile because OMG was I sore when I woke up this morning!!! I was happy because this means I can pull off a pretty effective home practice!!! All the other stuff I did this a weekend meant I missed today’s Free Day of Yoga. Meh. Austin has another or in the spring I’ll have to hit up. Such a cool event.

Shopping: we kinda deemed this 3 day weekend as a chance to get some stuff done and do a lot of swimming since the outdoor pools close all together soon. I did a 2 massive grocery trips, one to Costco and one to the regular store. I need you organized types out there to tell me how I can mange just one grocery trip a week. Seriously, it takes up so much time. I also hit the outlet mall for my bi annual “I need work clothes” trip/ low esteem inducer. I HATE to shop, but I guess not quite as much as I hate wearing things to work that are downright embarrassing at this point due to poor fit or wear and tear. I went to the Nike store and right away got two pairs of my current running shoe for $38. Score!!! Then I proceeded along until hypoglycemic trying on work pants at every store there and feeling worse and worse about myself as not a single pair fit. I resorted to checking the kids stuff, but it would be even more depressing to wear khaki work pants with a rhinestone glitter heart on the pocket than it is to not have any pants that fit. Finally found two pairs of pants at the last store I hit to not make the trip a complete waste. Still left feeling pissed that somehow most retailers still only make clothes for super models. side rant: what’s up with everyone at the mall sticking their kid in a stroller? We used a small stroller when Jasper couldn’t walk, but 99% of the time he was in a carrier strapped to me. Once he could walk, he walked. The stroller was only used for coming with me on a run. There were so many giant strollers in stores blocking aisles with a child at least 4-5 years old in it. I don’t get why you wouldn’t just let a kid walk and get some exercise. Ok, Rant done.

Eats: After a week of salads every night and stretching Chinese into 3 work lunches, I was ready for real food!!! Finally made it to Black Star to savor a Live Oak hef, and some veggies and grits. Grilled halibut one night, and tonight I made the awesome Peas and Crayons Fiesta casserole. I love that site!! We try very hard to watch carbs, and only do cheese on pizza once in a while. This recipe was chock full of carb-y, cheese-y goodness, and I just had to have it and toss diet rules out for a night. I may have also had a Salted Carmel Oreo ice cream on a trip to Baskins Robbins used to bribe a certain little child out of the pool after two hours of swimming. 🙂

Swimming: 3 days in a row. I will actually miss summer. We’ve had so much fun and Jasper is the best little swimmer ( when he wants to be, sometimes he pretends he can’t). My hair will be happier when we don’t swim so much though. It got pretty gnarly this summer with thrice weekly doses of chlorine.

Ok, time to chill out and gear up for getting back to reality. I seem to have fought the little virus off, so hopefully I’ll get a good week of running. I’ll need it if I keep eating cheesy-y, noodle-y casseroles. Mmmmmm……


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