Simple pleasures…

DSC_0019_4We all love the simple pleasures in life.  Some of my favorites are Sunday night TV, going for coffee/ chocolate milk with Jasper, having the time to lounge around post run and not have to rush into the shower, running with Pancake.

Pancake and I were Greenbelt regulars for a long time.   She would run off leash there and always wait for me at every intersection.  Nothing beats the happiness of a dog exploring the woods.   When Jasper was born, I quit running the greenbelt because it was just such an inefficient run.   Driving half across town to run for an hour or so wasn’t a good use of my time.  Pancake and I still ran together on closer by, urban trails.    I’ve always made a point to get in at least one Pancake run a week.  Mike started running with her too a couple years ago, and she probably averaged about 15 miles a week.  Not bad for a 13 year old.

This week Pancake spent 3 days at the doggie hospital.  She had developed seizures and hepatitis.  At one point, we wondered if this was the day that the hard decision we know will come some day had to be made.   Thankfully this illness is manageable with long term medicines, but running will be a little too much and we will have to settle for walks from now on.  Pancake came home today looking a little dazed, but like the same best friend we rushed to the emergency vet 3 days ago.  We were spared any difficult decisions this time, but the reality looms that having a 13 year old dog means that hard decisions are closer rather than further.

The simple pleasures in life really aren’t simple at all.  They are the wonderful, rich experiences that trigger the deepest happiness in our lives.    The little things really are the big things.

In lighter news, I had missed a few miles this week. We had a couple late nights and I got a couple late starts to my runs.   I had 18 to run today and made about 16 and a half due to a time crunch.  I’ll take it given crazy humidity.  Who are all you people who speak of fall in your region?  There is no hint of fall in Texas, other than the fact pumpkin spice lattes are starting to show up in the coffee shops.   But we’ll make the best of it.

I’ve got a new Runner’s World, a couch, and a sleeping border collie next to me.   Life is good.



6 thoughts on “Simple pleasures…”

  1. I’m so glad Pancake is okay. It sucks when your pets get older and you know their time with you may be coming to a close. We have 3 geriatric cats and 3 geriatric pugs. It’s so hard to see their health decline. Here’s hoping Pancake has many, many leisurely walks in her future.

  2. Thinking good thoughts for Cake. Do you remember those first couple of runs after you got her when you lived in Far West. She thought it was fun to chase large trucks and pull you along!! She’s definitely come a lot of miles with you. Good dog, and friend, for sure.

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