Becoming reacquainted with books, 18 miles and trail heaven…

A little slice of trail heaven…

When you have a small child with very low sleep needs, it leaves very little down time. I am ashamed to admit since Jasper was born I’ve probably read about 5 books total. Evening time is limited and Mike and I like to watch a few series on tv after Jasp goes to bed. After a show I usually pass out and never crack a book. I am determined to put an end to my “stupidity” and clear some books off my reading list. I am ashamed to admit I let my library card lapse years ago and never bothered to get another one. We didn’t live near a library and there was long time where Jasper was too little to enjoy a borrowed book. We recently put an end to my era of shame. I love the concept of things that are there for a community to enjoy at no cost. We hit the library recently for story time, and all I could think is “why didn’t I do this sooner?” I am so loving placing electronic orders at the library and helping Jasp pick out books. I LOVE the whole Ebook thing. I haven’t had my iPad all that long, so I never really cared much, but it is so cool to borrow a book electronically!!! I’m working my way through my endurance sport reading list. Anyone care to join a virtual book club? Anyhow we kicked off the weekend by hitting the library to pick up some holds. Guess who picked out an Angry birds books about space?

Saturday was an 18 miler. It went well. I never felt tired. I did however, really yearn for fall. I’ve done good not complaining too much this summer, and I do tend to like things warm, but I really, really want a 65 degree morning and the need to wear a long sleeve shirt. The aftermath of the run was not pretty. I spent the whole day running around and having some rough Jaspy tantrums and had a very long and hot playground session. By 8pm I was sore and tired and fell asleep at 900. I always say, it’s not the long run that’s hard, it’s the rest of the day.

Today was a stroller run and then a hike! You know you live in Texas when you see the weather forecast is 93 degrees and think ” we need to do something to take advantage of this cool weather!” As much fun as we’ve had swimming all summer, I was ready to change it up, and I’ve been dying to get Jasper on a trail.

With kids you can hike with them when they are small enough to travel in a carrier, and then there is a long period once they can walk when it’s really just slow going and not so fun. Jasper is finally old enough where a little walk down a trail is fun to him and was can talk together about all the things he’s exploring and finding. I also really wanted to take Pancake for a walk somewhere nice. She’d earned that after her week from hell last week spending 3 days at the vet. I found a little trail close to use and was so excited about how wonderful it was. It was like a mini green belt trail just a couple miles away.

I love finding little hidden gems like this. Jasp seemed to love it, there was a playscape near by, and Cake was in heaven. it was still pretty hot though. 90 and humid isn’t really great hiking weather. But once it cools off I have a new spot.

Ok, I’ve got a mountain of laundry. Then a small child to put to bed, a Breaking Bad episode, and a book to read…..and very sore legs. Wouldn’t want to spend Sunday night any other way….. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Becoming reacquainted with books, 18 miles and trail heaven…”

  1. One of the advantages of traveling for work is that I get to indulge my passion for reading, and I love Austin’s ebook library (and my Kindle). Between the plane and the hotel elliptical, I must go through 2-3 books a trip, and always have several on hold.

  2. I’m the same way with reading- really need to make it happen more often! Awesome 18! I’ve been complaining about being cold already here in the mornings but reading your post reminded me to count my blessings- I could be marathon training in Texas. 🙂

    1. Reading just means giving something else up in the evening. Not easy when time is so limited, but if its a book I’m really into, I don’t mind giving up tv a couple nights a week.

      Yeah, it’s still pretty hot here, but we get our mild winter. No weather is perfect. Still, I am tired of 80 and humid at 6 am!!!!

      Hope you are doing well…I saw on your blog all you’ve been going through. You are an incredibly strong person and you are in my thoughts.

  3. I hear you on “93 and lets do something!”. We are sick here, totally sick…As for reading, it went down drain with many things besides kids with me, at times I get back on track, then fall off the wagon again, I just accept life now:)

    1. There’s never enough hours in the day, right? I just read your latest race report. That looked like an incredibly exposed and hot race for summer time. Hopefully it will all pay off for your hundred!

  4. Oh how I miss books. I actually went through a period this summer where I became BFFs with the library again. But, alas, it was short lived as my ever growing pile of unread library books became more and more overdue. We had a good run. I will pick up a book again sometime soon. I’ve been devoting my free time to watching tv….and of course, the Internet. 🙂

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