Run slower? Sign me up!

One podcast I totally dig is Endurance Planet. It’s changed formats over the years, and there are some misses, but overall it’s where I learn about the actual exercise physiology side of running. See, I always say I am a lazy runner. I like to just run and seldom push out of my comfort zone. I do like hilly runs, but otherwise, I’m super lazy. Endurance Planet is full of information for those who push out of their comfort zone, and lots carb bashing. Poor carbs, but that’s another post.

Anyhow, really good stuff on today. It was all about running slow to build endurance and how so many people train too hard and fail to account for how much daily life wears them down. I know I can be guilty of this. While I run on the low side of mileage for a marathon runner, I still manage to be pretty tired most weekends. It’s a tough balance. Run too little and you aren’t prepared, too much and you spend most nights crashing into bed and feeling tired all day (sound familiar anyone?). Like I said last week, it’s not the long run that’s hard, it’s the rest of the day after it. This podcast went to so far to suggest if you can’t train for something without having to wake up at 4am to get it in, you shouldn’t be doing it. Not sure if I’d go that far, because that’s reality for a lot of working folks, kids or no kids. But, I definitely feel motivated to work on eliminating some stress and really working on more rest. Sometimes stress is just part of life and you just have to roll with it….the never ending balancing act, right?

Ok, time for me to relax. I’ve almost finished my first book in my endurance book club for one. Book report coming soon…..

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