The power of positive thinking…

My partner for 3.5 miles….

I’d been looking forward to my 20 miler all week. I had plans to run at town lake with Steve and Mark and had a kitchen pass once I got home to miss swimming lessons. My 20 miler was off to a bad start already last night. I ate a crappy dinner and was hungry as I got into bed, aka not well fueled. Then, Jasp woke up with a nightmare at 11:00, and took awhile to get back down. He ended up in my bed, which seemed ok, since Mike was sleeping in the guest room due to a bad cough. I was still irritated that I never seem to get good sleep before a big effort run. Then, I heard Mike get up about 3:45 for the bathroom, ugh awake again with an alarm due to go off in 30 minutes. I had just dozed off when I heard little blond head next to me singing Jack and Jill went up the hill, and “all done sleep”. My alarm was yet to go off. It was 4am. WTF!!!!!! I tried patting and soothing, but this little child was up. Ok, no problem, I would get ready to run, set Jaspy up in bed with some breakfast and the iPad and tell Mike on my way out not to sleep for more than another hour or so since Jasp was up. When he heard “mommy is going to go run with friends”, the deepest, most wailing sobs ever came forth and gasps of ” come with us to run with friends” ( come with us is how Jasper says I want to come with you).

I really don’t think Jasper would endure a 20 mile run at town lake and by this point there was no way I was going to make the start time. I was out. No friend run. Stroller run at home it is.

I spent about 2 minutes pouting, and snapped out it. One of the biggest factors to a successful marathon or longer run is positive thinking. If you can convince yourself that just being out there is reason to be happy, a relaxed and usually good race will follow. Slipping into the miseries just breeds more miseries. I’ve got a nice running stroller, a willing occupant, a 70 degree morning with a breeze,(perfect by Texas standards), a border collie just cleared by the vet for running short distances, and a kitchen pass. Yes, I miss catching up with my friends, but I’ve got a pretty good set up for the morning. 20 miles it is.

The stroller miles flew by. We managed 7.5 before Jasp started asking to go home. Dropped Jasp off with full permission to wake up daddy, and headed out for another 9 miles. Admittedly loops around the neighborhood you run in all week is a challenging way to do 20 miles, BUT, doing a semi boring long run alone will make a long race with other people around seem like a cakewalk. Onward…..

With about 3.5 to go I ran by the house and got Cake. I LOVE that my first angel is back running. The weather felt amazing as it didn’t get hotter and hotter while I ran. Got home to find Mike and Jasp were out getting breakfast tacos. Heck yeah, 20 done, and food on the way!!!

I’ve floated through a pretty busy day feeling victorious. 20 is done and I rocked it mentally. Sure the stroller made for a slower time than I would have liked (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself). But I stayed happy and positive and while I was tired today, I didn’t feel nearly as crappy as I have after some recent runs in 85 degrees at 7am weather.

I’ve got a little child that just fell asleep after 2 hours at the bounce house, and oh yeah, that 4am wake up. Fingers crossed for a good night of sleep. We both need it.


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