Endurance Book Club of One Book Review 1

Ok, so my book reviews will be highly informal. I probably won’t format them right, as writing was always my weakness in school. They are meant to just encourage the two or so people who read this to check out a new book that is running/ endurance/ outdoor related. I do read other categories of books, but I tend to gravitate towards outdoorsy stuff when I want light reading.

My first book is The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton. It’s all about doping in cycling. I wouldn’t say I’m a cycling fan. I’ve watched the tour of France here and there but mainly just for the scenery. When Lance Armstrong won the first time, Mike and I went to the celebratory parade here in Austin. I’ve seen Lance up close a couple times while I’ve been out running. I wasn’t a fan, but thought it was neat he was from Austin. Reading the book and learning all about how the tour times were jumping by such huge amounts in the early 2000s, is a little like watching a Wham video now. Back in junior high, every girl thought George Michael was the cutest, and straight as an arrow. But now when you watch Wake Me up before you Go-Go, it’s painfully obvious. The man has on hot pants, lip gloss, and the gayest dancing ever. I mean this in the best way, but how could no one know think he was gay? This book is kinda like that about the Tour de France. How could the general public not think they were cheating? It seems so obvious when you read the book.

My wonderful husband is a huge baseball fan, but believes the players are all using some kind of performance enhancing drug. He doesn’t care though, since he thinks they are all doing it, it’s a level playing field. This book really makes clear if there was any doubt, the pro cyclists were all doing something back then.

It’s very interesting to read about how they did it all during competition, and how easy it was for them to beat the tests. No one really comes out as the hero in this book, and it made me feel bad for serious cycling fans. The book is a pretty enjoyable read. It’s a quick read too. I wouldn’t call it inspiring, but as I said it’s quite interesting. It does make me wonder about every other sport out there. It seems like the doctors who helped the cyclists cheat knew how to beat the tests for years until they caught up. You have to wonder what’s going on right now .

So if you were interested at all in the Tour de France check out this book. Don’t expect to be inspired to go out and ride a bike; it’s more like watching a documentary…..you will learn about something you didn’t really know much about.

Book 2 is getting started this week, so hopefully another book report come in a week or two.


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