Monarchs from the butterfly trailer at the neighborhood carnival

Sufferfest is probably a gentle term for today’s run. I had 16 on the schedule, which after a 20 miler last week should feel easy. Jasper was asleep when I got up (yes!), so I was ready for it to be an nice morning with friends. I knew it wouldn’t be as cool as last weekend, but I checked the weather and thought “78 degrees at 5am in late Sept? Ick.” It felt pretty brutal out. I’ll go ahead and reveal what I did not find out until the end of my run: 91% humidity. Ouch. It was one of hot runs where two miles in it feels hard. Two miles in my shirt was completely soaked. Two miles in I was already downing water like crazy. The theme in my head was “I made it all the way down here at 5:30 am, I am getting my full run in, humidity be damned!!!” And damning it was. It was hard, but my legs felt fine the whole way and it was a total character building run. When I saw how humid it was it was a bit of a relief. “So that’s why it felt so hard!”

After the depleting run the day was a whirlwind. Swimming lessons, groceries, a neighborhood carnival complete with a bounce house, going to see Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs II ( loved it !), then watching two little boys play until the point of complete exhaustion. No wonder I am tired!

One plus from the Sufferfest run: I loved the public art installation at Town Lake. The trail was covered in what seemed like miles of prayer flags with a tree on them symbolizing the drought and all the trees Texas has lost. Then seeing the giant tree hovering over the water was inspiring in the midst of adding another pound off sweat to my shirt. Worth checking out. I’m thankful I live in a place where something like this can happen.

Up next: indoor pool, here we come! Season finale of Breaking Bad, and drinking of New Belgium pumpkin ale in hopes of invoking fall.

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