19.2 miles + an abscess = 21 miles of marathon training…

Here go the long run excuses! Today called for 21…my longest run for my marathon in 3 weeks. I’d been looking forward to it all week. Except ……..I had felt a little off most the week. A little achy and tired. By mid week my throat started to hurt, but only on the the right side and only my right ear hurt a little too. This went on all week until Friday I had to admit it even hurt to turn my head and my throat really hurt….but still only on the he right side. It hurt enough that I attempted to go to the dr, not easy to get an appt on a Friday but my very sweet nurse practitioner friend, Kitty said she could see me. Hello, tonsil abscess! Ouch, let me assure you, these little boogers hurt like the devil. By the time I made it to the appt and then to get my prescription I was shivering and it was hard to even swallow. This little abscess thingie struck fast. I started antibiotics and ibuprofen and crawled into bed and begged Mike to take over the little energetic one for the evening. Maybe, just maybe the long run would still happen.

I felt tons better by late evening. I just thought I’d play it by ear. Woke up at 4:20 to make a 5 am start and Jaspy got up too! doh!!!! Mike woke up and pushed me to go saying he’d cover the childcare. I figured unless I was just dying I needed to take advantage.

There are times one pushes through a run in adverse circumstances and they seem tough and determined. Other times they seem just stupid and foolhardy. I probably fell in the later category today. I had about 14 good miles feeling good despite it hurting like heck to drink. By mile 15 I was suffering and by 17 it was just a matter of making it my car. I got back to my car at 19.2 feeling like garbage. Everything hurt and I definitely felt sick. So I’m calling it. Good enough. I’m not trying to force my way into making up this run. I was out for 3 hours and it will just have to do as a long run. It was not one of my higher energy days. But it’s nice that we have family visiting and combined with Mike, Jasper is being well entertained, so I actually got to rest a bit. I’m feeling better tonight and am pretty confident that this little abscess thing is on it’s way out. But dang, like I said, hurts like the devil.

It’s a relief to start the taper runs. I love marathon training, but I’m just ready to go…I started training way too early for this one and discovered a 20 week plan is just too much for me. I also threw away my goal of hitting a Boston qualifier. I just simply am not running fast enough and that’s ok. I worked really hard this training cycle, I was dedicated to hills, at least twice weekly core work sessions, and even if I couldn’t make a class I got in my yoga somehow every week. But I’ve accepted that with kid activities on the weekend it’s just too difficult for me to put in more than 20 miles. 20 miles takes me right about 3 hours and that’s just about all the time I can manage. I think next marathon go round I am giving up on scheduling 21-22 miles runs because they just don’t happen. I am confident I would have hit 20 today if I hadn’t run feeling like crap. I am just happy I make it out to run, and I am not putting the pressure on myself to magically run over 30 seconds a mile faster on race day. A very reasonable goal for me that still makes me work hard is trying to keep my times at sub 4 hours. It ain’t Boston but I’ll take it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have my family’s full blessing to be in bed at 8:30, a little child who is asleep, and Broadwalk Empire ready to go on there iPad. And hopefully an immune system ready to kick some abscess booty.


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