Yeah, but do you sell plain running shoes too?


Over heard at REI today: “I’m looking for a minimalist trail shoe for doing spartan races.” Seriously? When did running get so complicated? Statements like that make me feel less silly for wearing big pink socks up to my knees with magical compression powers. Although admittedly compression socks are pretty silly, but I’d I like to think they aren’t quite as silly as a spartan race shoe.

I spent the morning following the live stream for the Chicago marathon. Well, after a treadmill run since it was dumping rain. It got me so pumped up to run San Antonio in a month. I haven’t run a big marathon in a long time. But first I have my little local Cedar Park marathon in two weeks. This weekend was the last long-ish run at 16 miles. Once again it was 80 degrees and 90% humidity. Sigh……I think I’m used to it by now. The main thing was I felt good and finished feeling like a had a lot in the tank. Heck yes!

I realize my blog has taken a bit of a hit lately. Please stay with me while I figure out what direction it will go. Evenings have been filled with other entertainment like reading, playing games on the iPad and finishing season one of Broadwalk Empire. I lost my 2 hour kid therapy block of uninterrupted computer time, so yeah, my blog has been pretty sucky lately. Hopefully I’ll get it more together soon. In the mean time you can read about things like spartan race shoes.

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