A book review, Nucky Thompson, and Elmo….

Doesn’t my angel look cute in his Halloween costume?

Giant cookie!

Ok, first let’s get to the latest book review. Full confession: I only got about 3/4th of Running with the Buffalos By Chris Lear read. I so wanted to love this book. It’s on a lot of lists as one of the best books about running ever written. It follows the University of Colorado men’s cross country team for a season. Adam Goucher ( husband of Kara) is on the team the year that the book takes place. What I liked was it completely “gets” cross country. If you have ever run it then you know it is a completely different sport than what we recreational marathon runners do. The workouts in the book will sound familiar to you if you’ve run cross country and if you are like me and ran in high school, you will be transported back to all the memories about being part of a team and how wonderful it is. I also loved that these guys in the book are just on a completely different stratosphere than even the top local road racers. They do a 20 mile run in under two hours as a regular workout! This is in prep for an 8K race. But most of the he workouts are insane intervals. And that’s why I just couldn’t finish the book. There is chapter after chapter describing workouts and meets. There’s teeny bits on the back stories of the runners, and I would have liked more of that. I just got bored with it, and as any parent of a small child knows, evening time is very precious and I just couldn’t keep reading a book I was growing tired of. However, this would be the perfect book for a high school cross country runner. So overall mixed feelings about Running with the Buffalos.

I’m solo parenting this week and running on the treadmill. Once again, sooooo thankful I have it. Yesterday I got up early enough to get my whole run in before a certain little boy woke up. Bliss, I tell you. The only thing to trump that is to also get a cup of coffee down during stretching before a certain little boy wakes up. But I will take a run with Nucky Thompson any day ( any other Broadwalk Empire watchers out there?)

Finally, I had a semi homemade Toothless costume all ready for Jasp for Halloween. For the uninitiated, Toothless is from a movie/ tv series, How to Train your Dragon and is quite adorable. But at the last minute Jasper said plain as day ” I want to be Elmo.” Jasper doesn’t say a lot of things plain as day so I took this pretty seriously. The odd thing is he really isn’t into Elmo. But he really, really loves that costume. I’m all for homemade costumes, but as a non-seamstress, I couldn’t come up with a good handmade Elmo costume and I found that one on Amazon for what I thought was a pretty reasonable price. Jaspy loves it, and it was my bargaining chip all night to have a fit free bedtime routine, so I guess I love it too. 🙂

Ok….Broadwalk Empire calls….


1 thought on “A book review, Nucky Thompson, and Elmo….”

  1. Joseph wanted to be Hulk up until today…now he wants to be Spider-Man. I’m gonna give him a few more days before I start costume making/buying.

    Thanks for the nice comment on my Iron Horse blog post….compliments on my running mean a lot coming from you. 🙂

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