Octoberfest and marathon goals!

Enjoying Octoberfest

Taper week! I hate taper week, so I don’t really do it. I just run easy all week and take the day before my race off. Maybe if I actually did real speed work in training I would need a break, but since I am a lazy runner I get to keep running.

4 days until marathon #29. Going local again, as the KC marathon plans seemed best if put on hold for a year. Worked out well too because Mike ended up out of the town the same time I would have needed to go to that race. So I’ve got my small, local Frankenthon marathon, then San Antonio in 3 more weeks. Am I ready? No. I could have used a couple more good, strong 20 milers, especially now that the weather is finally fall like. But poll 1000 marathoners and probably about 950 of them would say they wish they had got in more training. That’s life….we are not professionals. We are people with jobs and kids and dogs and yards needing work, and houses needing cleaning, and pot lucks needing something made, and meal prep needing to be done, and grocery shopping, and sometimes we are just completely worn out from throwing in 20 miles runs around this, and core workouts, and stretching, and yoga, and foam rolling, and hamstring exercises…….well you get the idea. Life itself adds a couple miles to every run. I did a lot of prep for this marathon. I also didn’t do a lot of things. Uh, like run fast :)……so yeah, it won’t be my best. I’m just thankful I get to do another one, thankful I got to do the training all summer and well, just thankful and ready to enjoy a great day of running out on the trail.

The weekend was nice with a 13 mile long run and an easy 7 miler. I ate like crap (hello, Octoberfest), and feel a serious need to get back into good habits by the time this weekend rolls around. Within the last year I have declared sushi my favorite prerace meal, so I may just have to do that. I won’t be doing strudel and beer like this weekend……

Goals? Sub 4 and consistent to negative splits. There I said it. Now I just have to do it. Ok…..I’m off to watch The Hobbit while I stretch and annoy my husband by never sitting still. Gotta love taper manic-ness.


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