#29: 9 is the new 8, and it’s a pain in the lateral quad…..

No need for blow by blow details about the 4th time I have done this race. I still love it! The trail is so pretty, and it always has given me a good run. I was really nervous on Friday just because I hadn’t done a marathon in awhile. By Saturday morning I was feeling feeling pretty relaxed though, and ready to roll ( side note, I love that this race is on a Saturday!)

I knew about half way through my training that running 8:35 pace I needed for Boston wasn’t going to happen. I just wasn’t hitting those times. A couple years ago I ran everything in the 8/ min mile range. Now it’s all about 9s. An easy pace run is a 9:30, a race pace a 9:00, and half marathon pace gets into the 8s. It’s just my new reality. I settled on a goal of sub 4 and keeping it evenly paced.

I ran most of this race alone. For a couple miles I ran and chatted with a guy a little bit but otherwise it was just me. It flew by though. I ran steadily between an 8:50-9:10 pace which was perfect. The leaves had just a hint of fall and I was enjoying the day. 20 came quickly and 24 even quicker. I blew even splits with a 9:30 mile here, but pulled it back together for my last mile, and came through in 3:57. It’s 5 minutes slower than I ran last year, but judging from how sore I am, I gave it my all.

For the first time in 29 marathons, I got a post race massage. There was no wait and it was free minus a nice tip. My right leg was really sore and they massage therapist said ” that’s all lateral quad right there!” Ok….whatever that means. All I know is it hurt but felt good at the same time and the leg he worked on is much less sore than the other leg today. I also did a ice bath (at his recommendation) and Jasper reveled in hearing my scream and they came in and moved chunks of ice around onto my legs ( I wore yoga pants in the tub!). So sign me up next time for a post race massage.

Another perk, Jamba Juice at the end. I am normally not a fan of these sugary smoothies, but the pumpkin pie one hit the spot after 26 miles.

Oh, and while I just missed 1st overall master, I did manage to be first in the old lady age group. Jasper already claimed the ” scary monster”.

Time to recover and get ready for number 30 in three weeks!

A trophy! Jasper’s ” baby” that goes everywhere with him, named Monst”, and a big bowl of avocados and bananas.


4 thoughts on “#29: 9 is the new 8, and it’s a pain in the lateral quad…..”

  1. You’re amazing! First of all, that is not slow at all, and 1st in your age group is awesome! And now another one in 3 weeks? I am in awe. 🙂 Congrats!

    1. You are too nice…..right now I question another marathon in three weeks, but hopefully by then I’ll be ready to run easy and have fun with it!

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