San Antonio marathon…

Flamingos at the zoo

On the Riverwalk….the calm before the Jasper storm

Ok, I loved this marathon. I had read/ heard a lot of criticism about it, so I expected some issues, but really had very few complaints. There are about 10 half marathon runners to every marathoner, so you do wonder why it’s not the San Antonio half marathon with a marathon option. And, yes, after the half turns off, it is much sparser, but this didn’t bother me. Yes, it could be expensive if you paid for parking and got extra shirts, but I registered a couple months out for $100, which is reasonable in marathon terms. Yes, there were some run down sections, but San Antonio is an older city and that’s a fact of life in an older city. And yes, there was an out and back, but it was through a beautiful park and once it was done, we were on mile 20, ready to start the countdown to the end.

The big bummer was 90 degree weather. My predawn walk to the start was already pushing 80, and super muggy. We’ve had great fall like weather for a few weeks now and this was just a freak heat wave, but it hit right on marathon day. I’m fine with slowing down, but I knew there would be a lot of carnage out on the course. I feel bad for the city and race organizers because I’m sure there were a lot of medical issues due to the heat. I just ran a little slower and really only suffered the final 3 miles, and even that was manageable. My big fail in relation to the heat was not bringing sunscreen ( it’s mid November for Pete’s sake!!!) and leaving my sunglasses in a car valet parked 4 blocks from our hotel.

I loved the course though. It went through downtown some really nice parks, a university campus, and a couple beautiful neighborhoods. There were a lot of military volunteers who were wonderful and said things like “good job, mam.” The high school cheerleaders were adorable, and there were a couple neat bands: a bluegrass band and some traditional Mexican dancers. There were two massive GU stops, well done water stops, and after mile 17 cold sponges every couple miles. The finish was well organized, the medals really neat with the Alamo on them, and there was good post race food for a race so large (smoothies, bagels, fruit, Gatorade and beer if you were so inclined. So, yeah, I didn’t get why so many people don’t like this race. Well, I think it likely because it is notorious for bad weather. It always seems to be hot. Really hot.

I loved it though and will definitely do it again. It’s a really fun weekend trip. The big downer for us was Jasper had some massive fits which prevented us from doing some things we had planned, but he did good in the hotel, and if he hadn’t had the fits ,we would have had some really fun family activities pre and post race, so normally this would be a good race to drag family along. There are tons of great restaurants along the Riverwalk which is near all the race stuff and lots for kids to do.

So yeah, a slow one for me. 4:09. But I’m happy with that. I ran consistently and passed a gazillion people walking at the end. This was actually the biggest marathon I’ve ever done….. Bigger than the Boston’s I’ve run. The first three miles were pretty thick with people, but it got much better after that. I really ,really liked it, despite the 90 degree November day. The only carnage on our trip was a pair of Jasper’s pants….but that’s a whole different blog post. 🙂


Nothing like 4 days of mega soreness…..

Loving the fact it’s now light at the end of our morning runs…

And this is why I use the term “our runs”. 🙂

Things have been busy as usual lately. Somehow in the midst of it all, it snuck up on me I have a marathon in 4 days! I’ve been taking it really easy since the Frankenthon a couple of weekends ago. Minus three boneheaded moves:

Last week there was no way I was going to make it to yoga class, so I did the Bob Harper DVD. It’s pretty intense with goofy things like shoulder presses and lots of push ups, and I was super sore the next day. The next day was also one of the few days that Jasper did not join me in the stroller to run. I figured I better take full advantage and get in my hill run. Only to change things up I did it backwards. It’s much harder that way. Intense yoga + intense hills = 3 days of being super sore…a week out from a marathon. Have I ever mentioned that no one ever accuses me of being smart? Then to be even more stupid I ran a 12 miler with my friends Saturday. They are not running the San Antonio marathon, so what was it to them to push the pace and push the hills? Hello, rebound soreness! So this week I’ve really taken it easy….I swear! I’m getting a massage which I planned on anyway in between ‘thons. ( a true must if you ever do back to back events), and just doing a little easy running. This event is all for fun but I do want to still finish around 4 hours and not feel like crap afterwards, because we’ve got the zoo to hit up.

Ok, got some chores to do before my afternoon date with my little running buddy, his new Nerf gun, and the playground.

And one more thing…..there’s been some rough stuff going on in the he world this week. Just a reminder to open your wallet if you can and help out.

Next post will be after #30!!


How many fun sized candy bars did you eat on Halloween?

Enjoying more than a fun sized Snickers

I am so excited to watch the NYC marathon tomorrow. The whole thing is on live ! Yay! I am hoping Meb can pull off another big performance. He’s amazing. I read somewhere that when he splurges it’s on a fun sized snickers bar. With Halloween a couple days ago (it was awesome, BTW) , I’ve had about 25 fun sized Snickers bars. Perhaps I could see better marathon times if I limited my fun sized Snickers bars, but what fun would that be. For now , I’ll just enjoy watching the marathon.

Recovery from my race last weekend has gone well. I immediately got a mild stomach bug that forced me to truly rest for a few days after. I did a couple treadmill runs, a wonderful yoga class, and today a slightly painful 12 miler, but now I’m feeling good about San Antonio in two weeks. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time. I ran it years ago when it was a totally different course. It was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of marathons then. A little sad, but just in need of a little love. For a city much bigger than Austin, and with lots of historical areas, one had to wonder how the only course race organizers coupled come up with was lots of out and backs on freeway access roads. So, once it became a much bigger marathon, I’ve been wanting to try the new course. We’ve got a whole weekend planned around it and I am really looking forward to it.

Anyhow, I’m hoping watching the marathon tomorrow pumps me up. It sucks Ryan hall scratched, but Meb and Yuki ( those who listen to marathon talk podcast will know who he is) will make up for it. Maybe the race will inspire me to only have 2 fun sized candy bars tomorrow.