How many fun sized candy bars did you eat on Halloween?

Enjoying more than a fun sized Snickers

I am so excited to watch the NYC marathon tomorrow. The whole thing is on live ! Yay! I am hoping Meb can pull off another big performance. He’s amazing. I read somewhere that when he splurges it’s on a fun sized snickers bar. With Halloween a couple days ago (it was awesome, BTW) , I’ve had about 25 fun sized Snickers bars. Perhaps I could see better marathon times if I limited my fun sized Snickers bars, but what fun would that be. For now , I’ll just enjoy watching the marathon.

Recovery from my race last weekend has gone well. I immediately got a mild stomach bug that forced me to truly rest for a few days after. I did a couple treadmill runs, a wonderful yoga class, and today a slightly painful 12 miler, but now I’m feeling good about San Antonio in two weeks. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time. I ran it years ago when it was a totally different course. It was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of marathons then. A little sad, but just in need of a little love. For a city much bigger than Austin, and with lots of historical areas, one had to wonder how the only course race organizers coupled come up with was lots of out and backs on freeway access roads. So, once it became a much bigger marathon, I’ve been wanting to try the new course. We’ve got a whole weekend planned around it and I am really looking forward to it.

Anyhow, I’m hoping watching the marathon tomorrow pumps me up. It sucks Ryan hall scratched, but Meb and Yuki ( those who listen to marathon talk podcast will know who he is) will make up for it. Maybe the race will inspire me to only have 2 fun sized candy bars tomorrow.


1 thought on “How many fun sized candy bars did you eat on Halloween?”

  1. So glad you’re recovering well!! I ate more Halloween candy than I planned on, how does that always happen?!

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