Nothing like 4 days of mega soreness…..

Loving the fact it’s now light at the end of our morning runs…

And this is why I use the term “our runs”. šŸ™‚

Things have been busy as usual lately. Somehow in the midst of it all, it snuck up on me I have a marathon in 4 days! I’ve been taking it really easy since the Frankenthon a couple of weekends ago. Minus three boneheaded moves:

Last week there was no way I was going to make it to yoga class, so I did the Bob Harper DVD. It’s pretty intense with goofy things like shoulder presses and lots of push ups, and I was super sore the next day. The next day was also one of the few days that Jasper did not join me in the stroller to run. I figured I better take full advantage and get in my hill run. Only to change things up I did it backwards. It’s much harder that way. Intense yoga + intense hills = 3 days of being super sore…a week out from a marathon. Have I ever mentioned that no one ever accuses me of being smart? Then to be even more stupid I ran a 12 miler with my friends Saturday. They are not running the San Antonio marathon, so what was it to them to push the pace and push the hills? Hello, rebound soreness! So this week I’ve really taken it easy….I swear! I’m getting a massage which I planned on anyway in between ‘thons. ( a true must if you ever do back to back events), and just doing a little easy running. This event is all for fun but I do want to still finish around 4 hours and not feel like crap afterwards, because we’ve got the zoo to hit up.

Ok, got some chores to do before my afternoon date with my little running buddy, his new Nerf gun, and the playground.

And one more thing…..there’s been some rough stuff going on in the he world this week. Just a reminder to open your wallet if you can and help out.

Next post will be after #30!!

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