Just running, and glass half full holiday…..


Enjoying the cupcake bar

After San Antonio I enjoyed a couple days of nothing and then lots of easy running. A couple of yoga classes and some walking too. Today was the end of my easy running, as I’ve got 20-22 miles of marathon pace team practice running in less than 3 weeks. Today, I shuffled through 15 miles in perfect weather, after several days in Mansfield, TX (near DFW) of runs in 28 degrees. Next weekend is the Decker half marathon. I’m signed up as it’s one of my favorites. Always guaranteed horrible weather. It’s always hot or freezing, and it’s one of the few courses in Austin that’s not downtown. It’s a true old school race as well. While it’s very well done, it’s just you and the course. No bands, no entertainment, just hills and well run aid stations. Jasp had a little bronchitis and I am coming down with it,so as is typical for Decker not only will the weather be horrible, and I’ll likely still have crud in my chest. This is all said in good fun…..Decker is all about sucking it up. Luckily, I’m so slow these days there’s no pressure. Ahh, the joys of old age.

Today was our only holiday weekend day at home and it was busy. Besides 15 miles, I took Jasp to the new children’s museum, we managed to get a tree and get it up, put some lights outside, hit a playground, and get back to some regular eating. I soooo missed my green monster smoothies while away. I decided that family already think I’m weird enough heading out at dawn in the cold in ridiculous spandex looking outfits, so adding in drinking a giant green drink for breakfast wouldn’t really do me any favors. So I did the when in Rome thing, and had A LOT of kolaches. Kolaches are one of the best things about Texas.

Ok….Boardwalk Empire calls. TV, bed and some ice cream= a great way to kick off a busy holiday season. I’ll pretend I don’t see the box of Christmas cards that I’ve yet to do anything with. At least I’ve bought them, right? I’m going for a glass half full holiday season…..

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