The running shoes were hung in the closet with care, waiting for another day, without Christmas cheer…


Forgive my horribly cheesy title. I read this the other day, and I agree with no races on Christmas. Run with friends or run alone, but as much as I love racing, let’s leave Christmas alone. I’ve pretty much run on Christmas Day since high school, but this year it probably won’t happen. I’ve always loved running on Christmas. I sleep in a bit, it’s nice and quiet out, and the few people you do see are extra nice. This is the first year Jasper totally gets Christmas and given that at he’s up by 500 on a normal day, I have visions of 3am gift opening on Christmas morning. Granted I could probably sneak out later for a few miles, but I think it may be easier to change my holiday run from Christmas Day to Christmas Eve. It’s fine….a little boy’s happiness is a good excuse to call it an off day.

Double whammy coming up: Mike is out of town and temps are going to be in the 20s in the morning. Hello, treadmill! I’ve got some shows lined up. Two seasons of American Horror Story. I watched season one and forgot about the other ones. Everyone says they are even better. I love scary and creepy. I am actually excited for treadmill running. If you want to make a runner really happy get them a treadmill for Christmas. 🙂


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