2013, my year in running…

The real reason for running….chocolate.

And, cupcakes….

Who needs another ” my year in running” posts? Well, I felt like doing one, so you’re getting yet another.

It was a good year for running and racing. I kicked off the year with a 30k in January as a pacer, paced the marathon in February, ran a 50k in March, the Cap 10k in April, a mountain half marathon in June at 9000 feet, trained all summer for a Boston qualifier at my October marathon (fail), ran a birthday marathon in November and a cold,hilly half in December. When I type it all out like that, I realize I got to do quite a bit. And, yes, that list of runs means a lot of ugly tech shirts entered my world this year. While I failed at my Boston goal, I was really happy with how I did at my mountain half, and that I made it to marathon # 30 this year.

This year was all about working out at home. Getting a treadmill was a serious game changer. I can run whenever I want to now. Mike’s work travel went way up this year, and that treadmill kept me happy through many weeks of life with just me and Jasper and no fairy Godmother to watch him while I went out for a run. I also fully embraced yoga at home. I still try to make one class a week, but this year I committed and made home yoga a habit. At least 2-3 night a week, I do yoga core. This was hard to commit to, and still is hard. Who in the heck wants to do really hard core work in the evenings when there is HBO and a glass of wine? I still don’t want to . But I made it a habit and I’m proud of myself for that.

As far as not meeting my goal of running a Boston qualifier, I have somewhat of an excuse. Jasper gets up so early, that I very often had a buddy for my runs. When I don’t have a buddy, I’ve often gotten up with him at some point in the night, so yes, I am still using lack of sleep as an excuse for crappy running. Also, having my little buddy means a lot of stroller and treadmill running. While I am getting better at utilizing the treadmill for faster runs, the stroller gets slower and slower each year, and I predict in 2014 I will officially part ways with it. I guesstimate I put at least 1000 miles on it this year. I also did zero maintenance on it, so it has proven to be a well made stroller. I accepted this year that until Jasper is a little older and sleeping better I probably won’t be doing my best running. Despite having an almost 4 year old, and being waaaaaaaaaaay out of the baby stage, I am still tired a lot, and fantasize about sleep just about every day. In the future, I’d like to run with other people more to help me hopefully get a little speed back, but it’s also tricky to meet people when you’ve got a kid who’s up at 4:30 am. this year I stuck with the “it’s all good, I got my run in today” mentality, and that seemed to work for me.

So here’s my answers to the string of questions going round the running blog world:
-Best race experience: choosing just enough warm clothing for my 29 degree half marathon to make me look 20 pounds heavier, but not enough to look like Ralphie’s brother in A Christmas Story.

-Best run: any run where I either stepped off the treadmill or got home and everyone was still asleep and I had a cup of coffee while I stretched and everyone was still asleep. Didn’t happen often, but heaven, I tell you!

Best new piece of gear: compression shorts. Probably highly offensive to those running near me, but after losing multiple layers of skin on my thighs from chafing all summer, I could care less what anyone thinks.

Best running advice you received: once again, no one seems to give me advice. Does “you don’t look like you run” count as advice?

Most inspirational runner: Peter Sagal. Swoon……

If you could sum up your year in couple of words, what would they be: I need a nap.


4 thoughts on “2013, my year in running…”

  1. “Despite having an almost 4 year old, and being waaaaaaaaaaay out of the baby stage, I am still tired a lot, and fantasize about sleep just about every day.” I can totally relate. We have a 6 1/2 year old boy and a 1 1/2 year old girl, and both are early risers (think 5:30 a.m.). Couple that with our daughter usually waking up once in the middle of the night, and uninterrupted sleep is a commodity sorely lacking in the Valdez household. Nell and I wistfully look forward to a time in the future when a full night of dreamless, blissful rest will return.

    1. I can’t imagine dealing with two kids who like to get up so early!!! I just keep telling myself one day I’ll be fighting with him to get up. Glad you are still at the blogging and running.

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