Christmas in compression socks….

Smoothie pouch meal. I have read runners and triathletes are eating these now instead of GUs….Hmmmmm……….

This weekend was the practice pacer run for the Austin marathon. It’s 20 miles on the course with with the pacers leading their prospective times…so it’s a nice chance to practice for runners and pacers. I have a love/ hate thing with this run every year. This is my 5th year doing it. They haven’t all gone smoothly. One year it was pouring rain and 40 degrees and my group wanted to walk the last 8 miles. Another year I had one person. She was a perfectly lovely person, but it seemed a little sad to me that not more showed up. So I was nervous all week about this run and hoping for a good one.

Weather report was not good. 90% chance of thunder storms. When I went to bed the weather said 65 degrees though, so I figured I could handle warm and raining. I shouldn’t have bothered going to sleep as Pancake was loud all night with thunderstorm anxiety and Jasper woke up for good at 3:45am. So I woke up at 3:45 am, and also discovered it was 40 degrees and raining. Meh.

Drove downtown to the start in pouring rain. I. So. Don’t. Want. To. Do. This.

Luckily it turned into mild drizzle while I ran to the start, and it was almost hot. WTF! I was super bundled up. I also had a really big turn out for 4:40 pace. Yay!! Everyone had my same thoughts on the weather. Please don’t dump rain for 20 miles!!!!

I’ve done the pace enough now that it’s pretty easy to lock into. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s gotten pretty close to my “regular” pace. The folks running with me were really nice and the miles where flying by. We hit a massive blast of cold air and head wind around 11 miles. Around this point I absorbed some of the 4:25 pace group, as they had several runners turn back. By 13 miles, the group had some folks fall back, so I felt it was fair to run ahead with those who wanted to forge ahead. The miles flew by and before I knew it we were at 17 miles. My watched showed 19.5 miles. Our map said 20, but a big thunderstorm had just started up, so we all agreed to go with what the map said. I rushed home, took a fast shower, and was extremely happy that at least Jasper’s 3:45 wake up resulted in a nap. So I got a much needed post run cat nap. So all in all, a good run!

It’s nice to have something that I was kinda nervous about go so well. It was a whirlwind weekend after that with our first babysitter in ages so we could see The Hobbit, gingerbread house making with Jasper, a bounce house afternoon, and a much needed massage (which always makes me more sore the first day…dang it!). So yes, I’m pooped now. I’ve got Christmas Vacation queued up and my jammies on with compression socks. I am ready for Christmas! Bring it on!


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