Feline Christmas Cheer and daylight…

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Jasper got a fantastic scooter for Christmas. He’s gotten really good at it, and he now loves to go on walks/ scooter sessions. Today we scooted around the neighborhood for an hour and twenty minutes. Hello, future marathoner. 🙂 The other night we passed a cat in someone’s yard that looked like he had at least one paw in the he grave. He was pretty pitiful looking. We passed the house and Jasper said ” we need to go back. I need to tell that cat Merry Christmas.” So we did. The cat was in the midst of pooing in someone’s yard, but I hope he still felt a bit of Christmas cheer.

I’ve been loving holiday time off. I’ve been working here and there, but taking off a day here and there. I’ve been running later in the daylight and on some on my favorite trails. It’s heaven. I realized I NEED an occasional run in daylight. And running on the treadmill with the lights turned on doesn’t count. Running in daylight is good for the soul. I had an incredible 16 miler at Brushy Creek this morning. How can you go wrong with a trail where you see lots of wild life, a graveyard from the 1800’s, the woods where the hairy man is rumored to live?

I say this every year, but for 2014 I hope to blog more. Not for anyone else really, except me. It’s a good mental exercise and my life is lacking those. I’ve got a few library books on order, but let’s face it, with very limited time in the evenings, and very full days, mindless activities often trump those that require some thought. And blogging give me the chance to tell the world things like wishing a decrepit cat a Merry Christmas. I need somewhere to file these stories!


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