Ramen 30K


Today was another marathon pacer run, the Rogue 30K. If you are unfamiliar with the metric system, that’s 18.6 miles. I planned to add two more to make it a 20 mile day.

The reasons you would want to run the Rogue 30K are: 1. You live in the suburban area it’s staged in. Otherwise running through a lot of suburban neighborhoods isn’t that exciting, 2. You are running the marathon and the thought of doing another long run alone makes you want to poke your eyes out, so this way you run with other people, 3. You are pacing the marathon and this is a “please plan on attending” event for you, 4. All the above. I would be an all the above person.

It all sounded good until the arctic blast hitting the whole nation arrived. Feel free to say unkind things about me in the comments if you live in the Midwest or northeast, but I was seriously freaking out about the 24 degree forecast. Turned out not to be quite that cold, actually not too bad at all, but there was a massive arctic wind. We have to carry these goofy pacer signs, and it was strong enough to snap another pacer’s sign in half. It was a strong enough that my lips are wind burnt despite carrying a tube of Burt’s bees with me. I was waaaaaaaay too wimpy too add on miles in this wind so I woke up at 430, ran a couple miles on the treadmill, changed clothes and did the 7 minute drive to the start. I met my new pacing partner, and we hit it off, so it was super nice to have someone to chat with to pass the miles while the wind chill got colder and colder. I finished with blue lips.

And why do I call this post the Ramen 30K? I’ve been wanting to try one of Austin’s new hipster ramen joints forever now and finally did tonight. That’s the perfect runner food if ever there was one. I’m more sore from shivering than from running, I’m super tired, and my lungs and vocal cords are seriously rebelling from cedar pollen and arctic wind, but dang it, my belly is full with veggie ramen. It pretty much cancels out my other woes. Almost….I still will sleep in compression socks, ‘ cause that’s how I roll on a 20 degree Sunday night.

I will singing the praises of the treadmill on 20 degree mornings and dreaming of more ramen for the next few days……

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