I love this picture because Jasper is completely suspended in the air. Pure happiness…..plus it’s warm and sunny!

The theme of the week is the treadmill. After Sunday’s monster run in the cold, and the extreme ( for Texas at least) cold, I was pretty happy to run on the treadmill this week. Today I was all bundled up and about to walk out the door, when someone woke up and begged me to run on the treadmill (aka an hour of iPad time for both of us). So I watched a lot of No Reservations this week and concluded that watching food shows while running = extreme hunger!

I’ve really gotten good at this indoor working out thing. I was looking at being partnerless for another 20 miler this weekend, and it was considering doing the whole thing on the treadmill just to say I did. I know….crazy, but one day I want to see how far I can push my treadmill limit. I find that the first 3 miles or so it goes by slowly and I wonder how in the heck I’ll get through a whole run, but then time starts to get away from me and I zone out by the end of the run I feel like mentally I could keep going. Time is usually my limiter….I just need to stop at some point and start getting ready for work. Turns out I get a buddy for my long run, so I won’t pass that opportunity up, but one day I’m going to try the treadmill 20. Hmmmm I think I may have a new way to run a 20 miler in August….

Another game I play is “how far can I go until Jasper wakes up?” Over Christmas time he was sleeping until 6:30-7:00. I was getting in my whole run before he woke up plus a cup of coffee! This is my idea of heaven. So I’ve been bummed the last few days when he went back to 5:30 wake ups. 7:00 consistently would seriously change my life. Is almost 4 years old too young to start New Years resolutions?

In other useless news, I got my Daily mile report that I ran 2595 miles in 2013. I forget to log runs here and there but that’s probably pretty accurate. July was my highest mileage month….I’m not sure why. The three lowest months were all months I did a marathon in. I didn’t realize how little I must run during taper/ rest weeks. I honestly don’t care how many miles I run. Other than long runs I don’t plan much. But it’s fun to have it all tallied up.

Well, I’m coming into the home stretch of being at the OT place for almost 3 hours. Be jealous of my exciting life…..speaking of jealously, I am jealous of those doing the Disney marathon this weekend. With a soon to be 4 year old, the Disney marathon suddenly becomes a bucket list race for this former trail runner…..

2 thoughts on “2,595…”

  1. I’m inspired by your treadmill workouts! Just need to figure out a way to move mine from the garage to a more comfortable indoor environment. I think it’s a losing battle. I hear you about the sleeping. I’ve dropped down to 2 or 3 runs a week again now that Helen has decided she is going to go from being our best sleeper to our worst sleeper. Sigh.

    1. The treadmill really has made my life so much easier. I’ve always had it inside and I inadvertently trained Jasper that treadmill means he gets uninterrupted iPad time, so it works pretty well. I still have runs where I hop off a couple times to help him with something but it beats not running. So yes, maybe moving yours inside would help. I still prefer outside most days, but I guess a young child or children means just do what you can. I’m just thankful I have it !!!!

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