“Let me tell you about the time I almost ran 20 miles on the treadmill”…


Today I had a 20 miler scheduled….and a friend to run the whole thing with! My only issue was the little boy was sick this week ( as was I), and he had fever for a couple days and that means poor sleep and he becomes a Klingon.

No, not a member of an alien race from Star Trek, but a little boy who clings to me constantly. Not sleeping well + clinging to mom= a good chance for a 20 miler with a very early start to fail.

So I did a preemptive fail myself. I cancelled plans with friends and decided to run alone to eliminate the stress of trying to get out the door at 4:45 am with a crying, sick child. My plan was this: if Jasper was asleep when I woke up I’d run outside, swinging by the house periodically to make sure Mike wasn’t stuck with a child crying for mom. If he was awake I’d run on the treadmill. If he seemed better I’d head outside as soon as Mike got up, if not I’d do the whole 20 on the treadmill. I could also run Sunday, but I really prefer to knock out the long run Saturday and get on with the weekend, so I was going to at least try it.

I’ve kinda been obsessed with seeing how far I can go on the treadmill. Mike may have some extended travel this year, and I wanted to see if I could manage a long run on it….and not go crazy, as I may be on the treadmill a lot if he does a long trip. I had a secret weapon though. I’ve been wanting to see Hood to Coast for a long time now, and I’ve been saving it for a long run indoors. You can rent it on iTunes or Amazon. When Jasper woke up at 5:00, I decided to go for the long run on the treadmill and since he seemed much better I’d head outside after Mike was up.

Ok, the movie is amazing. Best running movie I have ever seen. Please do yourself a favor and watch it. I want to run Hood to Coast more than ever I just need several friends to feel the same way and I’ll have a team! The movie wasn’t that long and took about 10 miles. Mike got up about then and I decided to see how much longer I could go. I made it to 13 and just got bored with watching No Reservations. I decided to run 7 more outside. I had lost a little time with a couple small stops and I ended up not having time to get in 20 before I had to take Jasp to swimming lessons ( since he was better we were back to burning his energy). So I made it a little over 18 miles. But, 13 is the longest treadmill run I have ever done. I realized having on an incline really does a number to my hamstrings, so in he he future I will probably not add hills. I still think I can make it to 20 if I have a couple movies all ready planned. I loved Hood to Coast and time flew by while I watched it, but then it started dragging while I searched for something else for a mile and a half.

So I’m sorta bummed I didn’t make 20, and will be babying my sore hamstrings for a few days, but I’m proud of my TDR ( treadmill distance record)!

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