Packing ulcer…

Just a quick post in my attempt to blog more. I am totally stressing. We are going to Florida to visit family for a week and I just realized :

1. It’s not really that warm there in the winter and I have nothing to wear. 3 pairs of jeans that don’t fit that great and I don’t really like. I was hoping for shorts weather. Can I somehow fit a shopping trip into the one day I left everything else I need to do?

2. I’m attempting to run long before 7:30 am…..and shower. Lately I’ve been on a “I hate the dark and cold while I run alone” pity party. So sometimes when Jasper wakes up at 5am, I don’t mind that it means I run on the treadmill. Anyone out there looking for a running buddy in my area, who runs middle aged person pace and wants to start most runs at 5 am?

3. I have to round up all Jasper’s special foods still. Kinda forgot about it. One day, I hope this child eats so I don’t have to haul half a suitcase of purée pouches every time we go somewhere.

4. I decided to rewatch all of Breaking Bad. I didn’t realize it started way back in 2008. No wonder I don’t remember the beginning. That should pass some treadmill miles. This is a good thing.

5. I should start packing instead of playing on my iPad and blogging. I’m slightly paralyzed with packing anxiety though. I am in awe of you people with multiple kids. How you ever go on a trip is beyond me. Packing for just one child gives me a slight ulcer.

Ok….Enough complaining. Taking a break from regular life and visiting family will be much welcomed. I just need to figure out if yoga pants and a sweater could pass as an outfit……


1 thought on “Packing ulcer…”

  1. Hope your trip goes well!! I’m on the same “hate the dark and cold” wagon these days. Wish I had your temperatures, though. 🙂

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