This is only a test….

Legoland mania…

This is our a last night after all most a week in Florida. This was a trip to visit with family and we were already cramming in a lot, including several long drives, so we decided it was just too much to also cram in Disney madness….more on that in a bit.

First up, the running report. Very meh. This week was the coldest so far is winter for Florida. Mild compared to most of the US, but I packed for the forecast lows of 50. It was actually lows in the high 30s, and my running gear was just not warm enough, so I froze on most my runs. Also, not sure if all of Florida is like this, but both areas we visited were pretty heavy on lots of small subdivisions along very busy main roads. So I did lots, and lots of subdivision loops, with occasional scurrying onto a very busy road…with a sidewalk, but lots of cars jetting in and out of gas stations and what not, it still didn’t seem safe. So lots of subdivision loops. To be fair I was offered a drive to more scenic running by both sets of family we visited but I turned this down because 1. I can’t really imagine asking someone to get up at 5:30 to haul my butt to a running trail, 2. Even if I did ask, I don’t think anyone realizes that even a shortish run is still a long time to wait and it wouldn’t really be a fun run if I was just stressing about someone waiting on me, 3. I try not to be a pain in the ass when visiting people. Yes, I go for a run most days and yes I eat some funny food, but I try to go with the flow and just deal. I considered doing 22 miles since the weather in Austin is even colder when we get home , but I just couldn’t fathom that many subdivision loops. Meh.

The tricky part of this trip was was visiting two sets of family who lived over 4 hours apart. We opted to fly to Orlando (in the middle) for cheap, and drive a lot. We drove back to Orlando this afternoon, so we didn’t have to drive 3 hours prior to our flight. I booked a hotel at Downtown Disney, which has lots of shops and restaurants and is very close to the airport. We walked from our hotel there late this afternoon for dinner/ shopping (aka see how Jasper does with all the stimulation….a test for a possible future real Disney trip).

I am purposefully vague about some Jasper issues, just so one day he’s not embarrassed by something I put on a public blog. Even though pretty much only family members read this, you never know. Let’s just say there are some sensory issues. And I will say that Disney is probably not recommend for sensory kids.

Just downtown Disney had a major cat nip effect on him and not always in a good way. I got out of there $46 dollars poorer, which I suppose isn’t that bad for a place designed to suck money from you through your children. I can’t imagine that any mother of a boy has ever made it out of Disney Legoland without a purchase. We’ve discussed making next year “the Disney trip year”. I selfishly would like to do the to half marathon/ marathon double they offer all while having family fun and creating memories (insert sarcastic tone here). The Disney marathon is not over a school break so next year is the last year I could do it, since once Jasper starts school we are limited to trips over breaks.

As I sit here with a pounding migraine, I have some hesitancy. I am in sensory meltdown after just Downtown Disney….not even the rides. For a little boy who short circuits with sensory overload…I’m not sure it’s a great idea. I’ve got some time to think about that one though….

In less stressful news, I made a pilgrimage to Babycakes! There’s only 3: NYC, LA and Disney ( go figure). Babycakes is a famous vegan, gluten free bakery, I’m not on the whole gluten free bandwagon, but I love me some vegan treats. I LOVED my cupcake. Totally spendy, but a week of traveling with an almost 4 year old justifies some stress eating.


Fingers crossed for no flight delays tomorrow.


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