Winter running blues…

Where is all this sunlight when I run? A Turbo balloon wouldn’t hurt either….

I admit I have struggled with some runs this winter. Probably most of the country has. This winter has been cold!!!!! Today is beautiful, but it looks like tomorrow will bring more mornings in the 20s. Combine this with darkness for the entire run, and not having anyone to meet, and it doesn’t always seem fun. I don’t have any brilliant “how to survive winter running tips” other than I think you just have to suck it up. Some days will be freezing and some days your whole run will be in the dark. In the Texas summer darkness for the run is an asset, but something about cold darkness is just plain mentally difficult.

I had a 20+ mile run yesterday. I couldn’t do it today, so no matter how cold it was I had to do it and couldn’t put it off another day. After a really long return trip home, locking my keys in the trunk at the grocery store, and 5 loads of laundry, rushing out at 4:30 am to start a long run in 28 degrees sounded awful. So I opted to run on the treadmill until it got light. I discovered this is the way to go for future winter long runs. Then at the last minute a friend offered to meet me for 7 miles. I had 9 on the treadmill, 7 with her, then 5 more on my own to nail a long run. Allow me to invoke my inner Jesse Pinkman (since I have watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad between yesterday’s and today’s treadmilling). 21 miles done, bitches!!!!! 21 miles isn’t that big of a deal…but it was great to have a long run go super smoothly when the day before I was dreading the dark, cold, and aloneness. Treadmill saves the day again. This is the way to do all long runs. Once I went outside, I sorta “forgot” the treadmill miles. It was still cold as heck, but I had a much less daunting amount of miles to do.

For now, Jasp and I are off to do some fro-yo eating and scootering. Today is a freak 70 degree day! Gotta love that!


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