Crazy week…

You’ll just have to trust me that this week has been crazy.  It’s slowing down though, and I am so glad it’s Friday!   Jasper and I are solo this week, so it’s just easiest to run on the treadmill, versus try and convince him to stroller run.  Plus, running on the treadmill means I get a little “me” time depending on when he wakes up.  Tomorrow I am attempting a treadmill long run, which really translates into “wake up as early as I can manage to start, run as much as I can before Jasper wakes up, and once he’s awake, hope he lets me make it to 13-14 miles before declaring he’s bored.”   This came at a pretty good time, as I am not “training” for anything, so if I have a long run failure, it’s not the end of the world.  I’ll still get a run, just maybe not as long as I’d hoped, and that’s probably about as good as anyone can ask for when you are sans childcare.

Otherwise, not a whole lot of interesting running news.  This is a downtime for me for sure.  One quick shotout, for doyogawithme.com…..when I am solo I rely on home yoga.  This site is free and the videos are really, really good.  I like that they have a lot of 20-40 minute ones, as once again, I struggle to put Jasper to bed, do all my nighttime chores, and then think “Cool, now I’m going to workout for the next 90 minutes until I go to bed!”  Instead I shoot to do 20 minutes most nights.  There are some videos I’ve done on this site that are quite challenging too. 

Ok..back to work.  One more week then I can run outside….hoping we are getting the last of the cold weather too.  I am not alone in saying I am over winter!  Oh, and the Lego movie is really, really good.  Go see it….it has the best running song ever.


What’s next?

Still in a slight post marathon glow….but sore.  I’ve spent large chunks of time the last couple days rolling my legs and booty around on various household items.  The softball to the hamstrings seemed to provide the most relief.  

Anyhow, I am prone to post marathon blues, and nothing really beats the blues other than signing up for another marathon.   A summer travel marathon really isn’t in the cards, and number 32 will have to happen in October, at my annual Frankenthon.  Then, if all goes as planned, and Jasper seems like he could handle it, the plan is the Disney World marathon in January 2015.  Registration opens in April, and goes lickety-split, so that will be my next big running event….make it through registration.  🙂   Other than those two events, I plan to have a few easy weeks, and then start some good old fashioned base building and lots of yoga.  I’m kicking around the idea of doing one of the spring trail races, but that’s pretty iffy.  I really prefer marathons, and races are just so expensive now, I feel I need to save my pennies for the ones I really want to do.  

I also have some “personal growth” running goals:  try some new routes, run with other people more often, maybe try the Rogue drop in long run ….gulp…..

Ok, back to rolling around on objects and watching the Olympics.  And still enjoying my post marathon bliss….and a little extra cookie eating.  




Austin marathon…

Me and my partner. I didn’t wear the hood today…

Today was the Austin marathon. Actually, it pretty much has consumed my weekend. Simply put, it’s one of the coolest things I get to do, and I look forward to it all year, and I’m just plain lucky to be part of such a talented team.

I won’t rehash all the details because I’ve done it before. I worked at the expo a lot this year, but I love talking to all the runners and it’s exhausting but a lot of fun. I had a new partner this year, Stacey, and it was fun to share the experience of guiding so many first time marathoners across the line. As always, pacing Is both easier and harder than running a marathon on my own. I’m so, so tired tonight, and despite the fact I’ve worn this shoe/ sock combo several times before with no problems, I’m going to end up losing four toenails. Ouch. But these are trivial things to put up with to do something that’s so much fun.

I’m always a bit of an outsider and often do things alone…..including my running. A nice side effect of pacing is getting to be deep into the Austin running community and really be a part of it for marathon weekend. Not only do I get the honor of guiding folks through the marathon, but I get to be part of an incredible, diverse, and inspiring team.

Some highlights:
– My partner, Stacey, was not only a very talented runner, but she knew about half the spectators on the course. As her tag along, I got a lot of cheers this year!

-the marathon high teens out on the course running their first marathon. So inspiring.

-almost perfect weather. The sun stayed behind the clouds all day…no sunburn!

-dinner tonight at Phil’s Icehouse and non- running friends bringing me cookies. So sweet and thoughtful.

-my wonderful family keeping themselves entertained and busy all weekend since I was out of the picture. And seeing them on course at mile 16. Even if Jasper just said “hi mommy, I’m going to the museum.”

Anyhow, number 31 is in the books, Austin marathon number 14 is checked off. I can’t wait until next year!

Post race treat. 🙂


Weekend treats…

My little chef who doesn’t eat anything he makes…

It’s been a good weekend. It’s a rare weekend where we don’t seem to run from one activity to the next without even stopping for a breath. Next week is the Austin marathon which meant that this week was pretty low key for running. I did a great 12 miler Saturday. Soooo happy it wasn’t miserably cold, as most of last week was “real winter”. Today Jasper requested the stroller for the first time in a couple months. I seem to have lost my “stroller arms”….as my arms were burning, but we had a good 7 miler. I know we are down the the very tail end of stroller running, so I’m trying to enjoy it. The weather has been super good today, so we’ve been outside a lot. Minus some kitchen time to make blondies. We tried the new Amy’s ice cream bakery last night and it was amazing, and we had a super good blondie, so I made some today….full octane. Butter, eggs, lots of sugar. Yum….sometimes you need it.

I am pretty psyched for the Austin marathon next weekend. This training cycle had some challenges….lots of bad weather, and more than a couple “‘mental toughness” runs (hello, 13 miles on the treadmill). But I’m feeling confident. Pacing is funny….even though the pace is “easy”, there is no having an off day, no “not feeling it”, you have to be on the whole way. I try and get myself in the same kind of shape as if I was going for a time goal. Hopefully I managed that. I love my hometown marathon and it’s kinda my Christmas. I love working at the expo, I love the course and I’ve yet to get tired of it. A certain little boy’s birth meant I missed one year since 2000….well worth it though. Just means in 2011 I restarted my streak.

Off to make a big tofu stir fry to counter balance the blondies…. 🙂


Goodbye 1%!

Someone got some new masks for his birthday…

Has anyone seen this  on the Runner’s World website today?  This is great news!  If you declined to click on the link, it’s an article that several treadmill myths have been debunked.   My favorite one is that basically you run the same either outside or on the treadmill.  I’d always heard that the treadmill “worked for you” and treadmill runs weren’t equal to road runs.  It certainly didn’t feel this way, so good to know.  I also like that putting it on a 1% incline isn’t necessary.  I’d heard that forever.  Sometimes I actually could feel that 1%, and I’d play mental games by putting it to half a percent and promising myself no incline for my last mile, if I toughed out my entire run.  Makes you wonder where all these runner’s urban legends start.  None of this may mean anything to a lot of folks, but I am up to doing about half my runs on the treadmill, and until Jasper is old enough that he could stay at home while I run around the neighborhood (which is a really, really long time), I will be doing abour half my runs on the treadmill for many years.  Also, in this polar vortex winter, having a treadmill is such a blessing.  Without a doubt it’s more mentally challenging (minus going outside in horrendous weather), so it’s good to know the tough mental effort is still giving me a good physical effort.

Anyhow, still trying to run outside as much as I can until my next big stint of exclusivel treadmill running.  But when the time comes, I’m happy to say goodbye to a continous 1% incline!