Goodbye 1%!

Someone got some new masks for his birthday…

Has anyone seen this  on the Runner’s World website today?  This is great news!  If you declined to click on the link, it’s an article that several treadmill myths have been debunked.   My favorite one is that basically you run the same either outside or on the treadmill.  I’d always heard that the treadmill “worked for you” and treadmill runs weren’t equal to road runs.  It certainly didn’t feel this way, so good to know.  I also like that putting it on a 1% incline isn’t necessary.  I’d heard that forever.  Sometimes I actually could feel that 1%, and I’d play mental games by putting it to half a percent and promising myself no incline for my last mile, if I toughed out my entire run.  Makes you wonder where all these runner’s urban legends start.  None of this may mean anything to a lot of folks, but I am up to doing about half my runs on the treadmill, and until Jasper is old enough that he could stay at home while I run around the neighborhood (which is a really, really long time), I will be doing abour half my runs on the treadmill for many years.  Also, in this polar vortex winter, having a treadmill is such a blessing.  Without a doubt it’s more mentally challenging (minus going outside in horrendous weather), so it’s good to know the tough mental effort is still giving me a good physical effort.

Anyhow, still trying to run outside as much as I can until my next big stint of exclusivel treadmill running.  But when the time comes, I’m happy to say goodbye to a continous 1% incline!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 1%!”

  1. I hear you with this winter. I sprung for the Kinetic bike trainer, and have been doing 45 minute sessions before work while watching Sherlock Holmes on Netflix. I have discovered a whole new world, and I love it. Hopefully I will see you at some point Marathon weekend – either at the expo or on the course. Thank you for the treadmill myth update – I had heard the same thing regarding the “treadmill does the work for you”.

    1. Yes, if I didn’t have the treadmill I’d be on the trainer. Once it hits below 30, it’s too cold for me. And, yes with an iPad it’s a whole different world than the days where we just listened to music. Yes, hope to see you at the expo. We still need to run together soon!

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