Weekend treats…

My little chef who doesn’t eat anything he makes…

It’s been a good weekend. It’s a rare weekend where we don’t seem to run from one activity to the next without even stopping for a breath. Next week is the Austin marathon which meant that this week was pretty low key for running. I did a great 12 miler Saturday. Soooo happy it wasn’t miserably cold, as most of last week was “real winter”. Today Jasper requested the stroller for the first time in a couple months. I seem to have lost my “stroller arms”….as my arms were burning, but we had a good 7 miler. I know we are down the the very tail end of stroller running, so I’m trying to enjoy it. The weather has been super good today, so we’ve been outside a lot. Minus some kitchen time to make blondies. We tried the new Amy’s ice cream bakery last night and it was amazing, and we had a super good blondie, so I made some today….full octane. Butter, eggs, lots of sugar. Yum….sometimes you need it.

I am pretty psyched for the Austin marathon next weekend. This training cycle had some challenges….lots of bad weather, and more than a couple “‘mental toughness” runs (hello, 13 miles on the treadmill). But I’m feeling confident. Pacing is funny….even though the pace is “easy”, there is no having an off day, no “not feeling it”, you have to be on the whole way. I try and get myself in the same kind of shape as if I was going for a time goal. Hopefully I managed that. I love my hometown marathon and it’s kinda my Christmas. I love working at the expo, I love the course and I’ve yet to get tired of it. A certain little boy’s birth meant I missed one year since 2000….well worth it though. Just means in 2011 I restarted my streak.

Off to make a big tofu stir fry to counter balance the blondies…. šŸ™‚

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