What’s next?

Still in a slight post marathon glow….but sore.  I’ve spent large chunks of time the last couple days rolling my legs and booty around on various household items.  The softball to the hamstrings seemed to provide the most relief.  

Anyhow, I am prone to post marathon blues, and nothing really beats the blues other than signing up for another marathon.   A summer travel marathon really isn’t in the cards, and number 32 will have to happen in October, at my annual Frankenthon.  Then, if all goes as planned, and Jasper seems like he could handle it, the plan is the Disney World marathon in January 2015.  Registration opens in April, and goes lickety-split, so that will be my next big running event….make it through registration.  🙂   Other than those two events, I plan to have a few easy weeks, and then start some good old fashioned base building and lots of yoga.  I’m kicking around the idea of doing one of the spring trail races, but that’s pretty iffy.  I really prefer marathons, and races are just so expensive now, I feel I need to save my pennies for the ones I really want to do.  

I also have some “personal growth” running goals:  try some new routes, run with other people more often, maybe try the Rogue drop in long run ….gulp…..

Ok, back to rolling around on objects and watching the Olympics.  And still enjoying my post marathon bliss….and a little extra cookie eating.  



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