Still wearing old lady shoes…

From the last time I ran this race, 2007.  Yikes.
From the last time I ran this race, 2007. Yikes.

I haven’t been on the blog much lately, because I don’t have very much interesting running talk.  I ran on the treadmill for two weeks.  I survived.  Actually, I was very, very glad to have it.  It wasn’t that bad.  Even if I had someone to watch Jasp, I would have probably run it about half that time due to freezing weather, as the coldest winter I’ve ever had in Texas seems to just keep going, and going.  This weekend I finally was able to get outside to run, and was a little disappointed in the lack of epic-ness in my runs.  For two weeks I ran on the treadmill plotting super-awesome outdoor runs, so I was a little disappointed to take the stroller with me on both my runs this weekend which means a super slow pace and not much adventure.  It’s the reality of living with a very low sleep needs child.  I am only alone for about 7-8 hours a day and I choose to sleep during those.  Silly me.  Still, outside was nice.  I hoping to do a little better next weekend and that these freakin’ freezing cold mornings are over.

I bit the bullet and signed up for the Walnut Creek trail race.  I love Walnut creek, and consider it a grossly under used trail by Austin runners.  Everyone piles on the greenbelt when Walnut creek offers more miles of real trail (I am not a fan of the “unofficial” off trail, trails of the greenbelt), more runnable terrain, and is a closer drive for a lot of folks.   I really wanted a small challenge before summer starts and I have a couple months of downtime before starting to think of fall marathon prep.  I am strictly running the trail race for fun, but if yesterday is any indication, I have some work to do.  So the next few weeks will be all about cramming in some work, minus another treadmill stint.  The picture above is from the last time I ran it, which is a really long time ago.  My thoughts:  1.  I hope I’ve lost some weight since then.  Someone should have told me not to wear running skirts.  2.  There’s no way in hell I will ever run that fast again.  That wasn’t even my best time and it’s still probably 30 minutes faster than I could run now.  3.  I didn’t have trail shoes then, and I don’t have trail shoes now.  My shoes were old lady shoes even back then.  4.  It looks green and pretty and fun.  I just need a nice fun run and there’s a playground nearby for Jaspy.  Most races should be this way.

Ok…the vacuum is calling by name.   Dog hair be gone….

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