Shoes and brownies…

These are not the brownies I made but look like them.

Confession: I like to buy my running shoes at large, big box stores where no one helps you. Why? Going to a running store does nothing for my self esteem. I buy GUs, socks and any other running knock knacks at running stores but try not to do shoes. First off, they never believe me that I actually run. The employees always doubt the age of my shoes ” you really wore those down in three months? You actually run enough to do that?” And let’s not forget the time I went in scrubs after work and was fitted in all white cross trainers, without requesting them….and even bringing my old running shoes to trade in. While the running store employee tried to convince me to buy the all white cross trainers I nervously tried to explain ” I’ve never really run in anything like that, I’m worried I would get injured”. His response ” I didn’t realize you were actually going to run in the shoes “. Then there’s dealing with the fact I wear orthotics and need to put them into any shoe I try on. Orthotics just scream “sucker!! You let some medical person who knows nothing about runners sucker you into getting these. Real runners wear as little as possible on their feet. You are an idiot”. Well, I don’t care. I want to keep my piggies healthy, and I don’t care how uncool orthotics are if they help. But they totally baffle running store people when you start stuffing them into skinny little racing flats to see how they’ll fit….and they usually don’t. Which is why they break out the Mee Maw shoes for me. All this adds up to putting a big dent in my self esteem. It’s the same reason I don’t get facials: ” you know we sell products here that will help pores like yours”. So yes, I prefer to grab a bunch of boxes off the shelves at a big box store, shove my orthopedic devices in them, and try them on…..alone.

Such was the goal today. Only I had a certain little boy with me. A deal was struck for an inexpensive badminton set in exchange for good behavior while I tried on shoes. A massive fit occurred with inconsolable tears when it was realized that badminton does not use balls. I walked out of the big box store without shoes and two $10 tennis rackets and a can of tennis balls.

Let’s just say playing tennis did not go well and leave it at that. I broke my current rule about keeping sweets in the house and made Gharadelli dark chocolate brownies. I needed them by this point.

So no new running shoes, but lots of brownies. A good trade off.

An on an unrelated note, because this was an outing did not cause me to need brownies, God bless the person who decided to play The Muppet Movie for free all spring break at the Alamo. Sharing one of my fave childhood movies with Jaspy made for a non-brownie needing day this past weekend. It was lovely.

One last happy thought: nice running weather all week so far!

About Clea

I am a mama, wife, nurse, runner, and dog lover. This blog is about my adventures as a new running mama, trying to balance it all, and keep my sense of humor!
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2 Responses to Shoes and brownies…

  1. Julie says:

    I would punch those employees at your running store in the face! You should come to Frankfort….we have an amazing running store. They believe that even I am a runner and can usually guess the mileage on my old shoes just by looking at them. They even entertain my children for me as they are tearing the store apart. God love em. I feel your pain on the tantrum. Yes, sometimes brownies are required. Brownies and wine. Wait…we are talking about me again! Good luck getting some new kicks!

    • Clea says:

      Yes, wine is often on my de-stress list too. And you are a runner!!! Your store sounds great. My beef with a lot of the running stores here is I am pretty experienced and they treat me like I don’t have a clue. I can’t imagine how someone just starting out must feel. In have been to some good running stores though…they are out there!

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