Castles and trails…

This picture was taken by my little future photo journalist.

It was a good weekend for running.  I was pretty undecided about what my plans were.  I NEED to do a little time on Walnut Creek trail in prep for my race next month, but the time change makes it challenging.  I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to run trails solo, in the dark, and since I primarily run in the dark, that means the trails are hard to fit in.   I was going to run in my neighborhood and add a couple shorter trails once it got light, but decided to scrap that and meet friends.  It was nice.  I hadn’t run with friends in three weeks or so.   I feel myself slowly getting back into shape after the phenomena of immediately losing all your fitness after a marathon had occurred. 

Sunday I struck out on my own, and decided to hit up some streets I had not done across the highway.  A major highway runs pretty close to my ‘hood.  There is an area to cross it very close to me, but for some reason doing this in the dark freaks me out.   I’m just always worried a car will plow throught he red light or something and hit me.  It’s just sorta unnerving to cross a street with a 65 mph speed limit.   So I usually wait until the weekend when there’s not as much traffic.  Anyhow, it’s a whole different world on the other side with huge, beautiful homes, and mega hills…some of Austin’s toughest.  I grossly underestimated the distance of my route, but had fun exploring and found out there is a giant castle house.  I was just running along the all of a sudden, CASTLE!   So I now have my castle loop I can do where I get in a hill workout and a brush with medieval achitechture. 

Also found the start of the new paved trail that starts pretty close to my house and goes all the way to Walnut Creek park.  I am not sure of the total mileage once it is done, but it will give north Austin a running/ biking route that will rival townlake.  Adding in the Walnut Creek trail, you could get in some serious mileage without having to be on the roads.  It’s accessed off Balcones district park if anyone is interested in trying it out.  I plan to see how much is actually runnable in the next few weeks.  At any rate, the city website says the whole thing should be done by the end of the year.  New running trails make me very happy.  🙂

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