Shoes, trail fail, and grits….

How could anyone pass up this little boy for shoes?

Today I was off. Jaspy had his OT in the morning, and then I took him to school. Mike is brewing beer and working this weekend which means it’s all Jaspy and mommy time. I’ve been itching to get to the Nike outlet to secure the last of the Pegasus 29s since they are not longer made and my current running shoe love. So yeah, I took him to school so I could get running shoes….insert major mom guilt here…….two pairs at $60 each, bringing my “stash” up to three pairs. Also added to my stash of Nike track shorts. If these things would just get some pockets, they’d be perfect. Then, this happened:

The perfect runner’s food

My stomach was super unhappy today for unknown reasons. Bun is super mild….rice noodles and what not. So much for low carb. Carbs do seem to make my stomach better when it is unhappy though.

Next I got groceries, cleaned house, then had a trail fail. The time change has made trail training pretty much impossible. I had maybe an hour before I got Jasp, so I took Pancake to a little two mile trail near my house I hadn’t tried yet. Fail on two counts: WAY too rocky to run. Nice little hike though. So no trail running….again. And, Nike blister free socks blow. I can see why they had tons of them at the outlet. I’m sticking with DryMax or Pro Compression.

So a trail fail, but huge success with this:

Homemade shrimp and grits (cholesterol be damned). It’s a lighter version with no bacon, butter or cream. Freaking awesome, Mike and I were licking the bowl, and usually my “healthied up” recipes are a fail. So yay.

So it was a good day. Mom guilt aside. There may be a Muppet movie in our future to make up for it.


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