Psychobilly freakout…

“Mommy Feet”. Another Jasper original

Are you out familiar with The Reverend Horton Heat? I’m probably dating myself here, but he has a song called “Psychobilly Freakout”. I’m not sure what a psychobilly is, but it should be the theme song for my upcoming trail run. I’m starting to face reality that I will do no trail training for it . Unless I’m willing to trail run solo with a headlamp….and I’m not. I need all my bones intact and unfractured for everything I need to do, in addition to being unharmed by anyone who’s hanging out at a city park at 5am waiting for an idiot runner alone on the trail. Hence my Freakout. I’m slowly making peace with jacking the treadmill up to short little bursts of hills and convincing myself that a gravel path counts as trail time. There are worse things for sure, and I am doing this for fun, but part of the fun means not being in agony by mile 6.

Maybe it’s because I had issues on every run this week. I failed to get up when planned just about everyday….which means treadmill or cutting runs short or both. I ate too much crap, I felt slothful….you know those weeks.

But, does watching Frozen and jumping around to every song multiple times count as training? If so, I’m in business. Our copy came yesterday and we’ve already watched it 3 times.

Ok…off to fuel for tomorrow’s run…which starts too early to include any trail time. Back to the freakout part. I think I need to change my song to “Let it Go”. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Psychobilly freakout…”

    1. Hehe….I freak out when we run out of bananas. I practically live off them. Hope y’all are well and that the house is coming along. Can’t wait to see it.

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