May the odds be ever in your favor….The trail race games….

Despite how it looks this is not a giant pink muumuu. Just a very long tank from Costco.

Well, I survived. It was actually quite fun. Since my time is limited I will sum up this race in bullet points:
-30k on the trails in 80 degrees and 90% humidity really is almost like a marathon in effort. If you ever do something like this , be prepared to be tired.

-I was very happy to run this with a buddy, Steve. That is a long time to run alone and not see folks most of the time.

-I’ve had a cranky hamstring since January. Doesn’t hurt to run, just hurts later. Don’t ask me why I decided to freak about it this week when nothing has changed since January, but this was the week I decided I wanted the tightness gone….stat! I had a brutal massage yesterday, and am about 50% better but I had major anxiety about running this far on it all week. Still some work to do on it though. I’ve been referred to Airrosti massage and am crossing my fingers it works.

-The course was hard, but doable. A few of the rockier trails were put in, and a deep creek crossing, but most of it was quite runnable. Today I found out my $400 orthotics are water repellent. I wasn’t planning on ever needing to know that, but was forced to when I hit knee deep water.

-we ran smart. 11ish minute miles. I know that seems slow, but it seriously felt like we were moving. We were very consistent in our splits, so that tells me we we were spot on.

-Sour patch kids rule. Why have I never done these before as race fuel? They were wonderful. I had two GUs, a baggie of sour patch kids, a couple gummy bunnies, some watered down Gatorade, and a couple sips of coke.

-we decided we were actually contestants in The Hunger Games, not runners in a trail race. My hunger games name is Sagatarria Galloway. Try the name generator and see what yours is. I need a Mocking Jay pin for my next race…

-Being old is great. I did this race in 3:38 today. My first trip out to it about 10 years ago was a 2:48. Yes, I am now old and slow. But it was still enough to nab me first in the old ladies division. I was really needing a Mexican pottery lizard candle holder too. How convenient!

-a Starbucks latte is still the best post race food for me. Something about that milk chills out all the acid in my stomach from GUs and gummy candy. I know it sounds gross, but it works for me.

Despite all my anxiety and hesitation about this race I had fun. I think Steve and I ran great. I’m sore and will be taking a few days off, but this one may become a tradition once again.



What a race today!!!!! It was the most exciting race I never watched. Twitter saved the day. I was practically yelling at my phone at work “Go Meb, go!” What an inspiration….Runner’s World did some excellent write ups that do a much better job than I could in expressing what an amazing thing Meb did for Boston, for runners, and for all Americans. And Shalane’s race was bittersweet. It was obvious she gave her all and I dare you to watch her finisher interview and not feel a lump in your throat.

What a fantastic day, I celebrated tonight with a glass of wine in my Boston pint glass…..but not a whole pint of wine…yikes! I’m totally loaded up with marathon inspiration. I cannot wait until my training starts! Thank you, Meb!


Boston mania!

Mark and I at Boston 2012, perhaps my last…

I wrote a blog post on Friday, posted it and deleted it after proof reading. It was whiny and rant-y and I try to keep it positive here. I wrote about marathon Monday and that’s what got me. Freakin’ be happy, you silly girl, I had to tell myself. It worked, I’m better, negativity gone. Onward…..

I’m fully soaking up all the Boston hysteria. I randomly turned on the car radio at 545 am this morning and Katherine Switzer was on in an interview. When else would that ever happen? I read the new Hal Higdon book 4:09:43 based off a couple recommendations. Holy heck, this is a must read if you’ve ever run Boston, or even if you on haven’t. It’s a short read, which is probably the only reason I managed to pull off reading it. I’m checking runnersworld everyday for race updates and stories. But I’m just plain mad that my cable company doesn’t carry the channel the marathon’s being broadcast on so I can’t watch it . Meh!!!!

I’m ok with not being there this year. First off, I didn’t qualify, so it just wasn’t going to happen. Second off, I’ve got to run it four times. How many people get to do a bucket list item four times? I’m lucky. If I earn my way back someday maybe it will happen again, but if it doesn’t I’m ok with that. And honestly, I’m so, so happy to be planning a girls trip run in October at the KC marathon……that’s my Boston this year.

So what will I do for marathon Monday? Well, I have the trail race next weekend, so I don’t want to be stupid and do something crazy then screw up my race, especially when my body is already a little under the weather. If I run outside, I’m just going to enjoy the fact I’m running outside. If I run inside, then I’ll watch “Spirit of the Marathon”, or something similar. Of course either way I’ll wear my Boston shirt, to be a complete dork. At least I’ll skip wearing my medal around. Last year I donated to Challenged Athlete Foundation. I like this since it not only supports the bombing victims, but other amputees, spinal cord injured, and those with congenital conditions. I think making a donation on marathon Monday is a nice little tradition to start. There may have to be a marathon Monday celebratory beer too ūüôā

Finally, one last Boston story. I never bought an official Boston jacket. I regret this. This is the one souvenir all runners get despite being overpriced. Which Is why I never got one. I mentioned this to Mike and for Christmas this year he got me a Boston marathon jacket. It’s not the souvenir, official one, but at least it is a Boston marathon jacket, and a very thoughtful gift. I wear it to work in light jacket weather. A couple weeks ago I had just gotten in, and was in the break room and a coworker told me “that’s hilarious you would wear a jacket with a unicorn on it”. It’s all relative, I guess. To me a symbol of hard work and my moment of experiencing a little bit of history, to my coworker, a quirky nod to our junior high years in the 80s, and all that was missing was a Trapper Keeper. Sigh….maybe I’ll just stick with blue and yellow socks.


Trail miles done!

Let's just pretend this is where I ran….actually Walnut Creek is quite pretty right now!
Let’s just pretend this is where I ran‚Ķ.actually Walnut Creek is quite pretty right now!

I finally got some trail prep in this weekend. ¬†13 miles to be exact. ¬†Never mind it was over two days‚ĶI pulled it off and that’s what matters. ¬†Saturday I woke up at 4:15 and hit the road by 5:00 I managed a little over 9 miles in my neighborhood all by my lonesome, then threw on dry clothes, jumped in the car, and met Mark at Walnut Creek, and did 6 more miles. ¬†It was pretty runnable out there which was good and I estimate a trail mile knocks down my current pace about 1-1.5 minutes. ¬†When you are already pretty slow like me, this equates to a pretty long time for a 30K trail race, but I have a good idea of what I am looking at now, and I don’t feel completely freaked out. ¬†Today I met Steve and Meghan for 7 miles more and it felt pretty smooth. ¬†I realized I am definitely no longer a trail runner. ¬†Maybe I’ll do this race again since Walnut Creek is my favorite trail in Austin, but I’m just so slow that trail running takes too dang long to do much else. ¬† Really my favorite run is running along a dirt or fire road in the woods. ¬†All of the scenery with none of the footing issues. ¬†But we don’t have fire roads in city parks, so trails it will be to get my nature fix. ¬†At any rate, I think I can handle 30K. ¬†It will take me awhile, but I am very good at pacing myself. ¬†I am not good at any other facet of running, but I can honestly say I am capable of usually running a smart race. ¬†Whew‚Ķa bit of relief. ¬†Now if I can somehow guarantee it won’t rain on race day…

Otherwise the running this week was a lot of treadmill. ¬†Jasper is back to early wake ups, so there you go. ¬†We posted the running stroller on Craig’s list, as it is officially the end of an era. ¬†The treadmill purchase may have sped up the stroller’s demise. ¬†Jasper is pretty happy to sit on the couch and play video games while I run, versus hopping in the stroller and playing games on my phone (I know, not much difference). ¬†But, the last few times I ran with the stroller it was really heavy. ¬†My low back bothered me some after, as hills are really a full body effort with all the weight now. ¬†I know many of you push double strollers, and even triples, but I had hit a point where the running really suffered with just a single stroller. ¬†I am really in awe of those who do more. ¬† I guess I’d rather watch a show on the iPad and sweat it out on the treadmill at this point. ¬†Anyhow, I’m thankful for my stroller running years. ¬†We covered at least 2000+ miles in that thing. ¬† It was my only way to get and get in a run, many, many times. ¬† I tell someone to get a treadmill though if money is tight and you can’t get both. ¬†The treadmill isn’t weather dependent, and even a sick kid won’t cancel out a treadmill run. ¬†It can be a little boring at times, but it’s the ultimate tool to keep a parent from missing runs.

It was otherwise a low key weekend of a few chores, meeting friends for dinner and some swimming.  The main event takes place later tonight…Game of Thrones.  Yay!  Trail miles done, popcorn and Game of Thrones….heaven!



Goodbye Mickey, hello barbecue…


This pic has nothing to do with this post….I see a lot of Snow cones in my future though.

Warning!  Long post ahead!

I had my heart set on the Disney World marathon as my next big race.¬† Family fun plus marathon for me = win/win.¬† I did a bunch of research on Disney World in the form of podcasts and lots of lunch time interwebs.¬† I actually found two excellent podcasts with a focus on Disney running events.¬† A couple things worried me:¬† cost and weather.¬† The disney marathon is astronomical in terms of lodging and park visiting.¬† They charge premium rates on marathon weekend and NOTHING is cheap there.¬† Also, January in Florida can be unpredictable.¬† 50 degrees in perfect for running a marathon, not so much for all day theme park visiting.¬† Finally, this is a book it way out event.¬† Due to sell outs,¬†¬†room and everything would need to be booked this month for an event not happening until January 2015.¬†¬†¬† So I had some doubts creeping in….

I found myself thinking about the Boston marathon this week, and how blessed/ fortunate/ lucky/ pleased as punch, etc I am that I got to experience it.¬†¬† A huge part of my experience was the time I spent with friends.¬† This is a big part of my life that’s taken a hit…as it does when anyone gets really busy with family and work.¬† I found myself getting a little sad and missing what used to be.¬† I reached out to a friend, and this happened:

Registration Receipt

Congratulations! Your order is complete.

Your confirmation number is: 5K7ZYTL

Congratulations! You are registered for the 2014 Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon

So yes, next big event is the Kansas City marathon in October! ¬†My very good friend Stephanie and I will be running it. ¬†I’m thrilled….not to mention I owe her (she moved there over a year ago and I’ve yet to visit). ¬† She’s done about a million of my adventures including hauling my sorry ass for 30 + miles of the Vermont 100, so yeah, I am way overdue to do a race on her turf. ¬†But I really want to do it…..I feel great about the decision to scrap dragging the fam along to a race to do a race with a friend instead. ¬†We will do a family Disney trip at some point, just not around the marathon. ¬†Who knows maybe I started a new fall tradition. ¬†Luckily Kansas City is an easy flight. ¬†Also I am hereby invoking the marathon Gods to allow this to happen. ¬†One reason I registered ¬†so early is for no backing out. ¬† No one can decide to visit us then, no one is allowed to get sick (including pets), no big work deadlines can come up, and no injuries. ¬†I need for this to happen. ¬†It’s about a heck of a lot more than running a race.

Bring on the barbecue and the Boulevard beer!!  Training starts in June!


Feeling great and spiky hair

The best picture I could manage…

This week I really focused on gentle stretching, foam rolling and limiting sitting too much which my back hates. I feel great. I ran, but very easy and avoided hills. I feel pretty darn good. I think I’ll always have a tight low back and hamstrings, but they seem to respond when I put the work into loosening up, so I just need to be super diligent. I’m still going to try and be a smart runner and not overdo it, but I think I’m ok….other than the fact I feel a cold coming on, but things are never perfect, are they?

This week was a whirlwind of driving Jasper to what felt like a million appointments and trips. It’s about to get even crazier with baseball starting next week. I don’t know how people with multiple kids do it with kid activities. We are always on the go with just one kid. One appointment this week was to get “spiky hair”. I have no idea what inspired him, but Jasper said he really wanted a spiky haircut. Usually haircuts are pretty big battle, so it was nice to have one that was wanted and not a huge fight. I have to say, it’s pretty freakin’ cute. It’s a sad state of affairs that my 4 year old’s hair is in better shape than my rat’s nest, but hopefully that will get fixed at an appointment next week.

Well, I gotta rush off and get ready for work. So glad it’s Friday!!!!!