Goodbye Mickey, hello barbecue…


This pic has nothing to do with this post….I see a lot of Snow cones in my future though.

Warning!  Long post ahead!

I had my heart set on the Disney World marathon as my next big race.  Family fun plus marathon for me = win/win.  I did a bunch of research on Disney World in the form of podcasts and lots of lunch time interwebs.  I actually found two excellent podcasts with a focus on Disney running events.  A couple things worried me:  cost and weather.  The disney marathon is astronomical in terms of lodging and park visiting.  They charge premium rates on marathon weekend and NOTHING is cheap there.  Also, January in Florida can be unpredictable.  50 degrees in perfect for running a marathon, not so much for all day theme park visiting.  Finally, this is a book it way out event.  Due to sell outs,  room and everything would need to be booked this month for an event not happening until January 2015.    So I had some doubts creeping in….

I found myself thinking about the Boston marathon this week, and how blessed/ fortunate/ lucky/ pleased as punch, etc I am that I got to experience it.   A huge part of my experience was the time I spent with friends.  This is a big part of my life that’s taken a hit…as it does when anyone gets really busy with family and work.  I found myself getting a little sad and missing what used to be.  I reached out to a friend, and this happened:

Registration Receipt

Congratulations! Your order is complete.

Your confirmation number is: 5K7ZYTL

Congratulations! You are registered for the 2014 Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon

So yes, next big event is the Kansas City marathon in October!  My very good friend Stephanie and I will be running it.  I’m thrilled….not to mention I owe her (she moved there over a year ago and I’ve yet to visit).   She’s done about a million of my adventures including hauling my sorry ass for 30 + miles of the Vermont 100, so yeah, I am way overdue to do a race on her turf.  But I really want to do it…..I feel great about the decision to scrap dragging the fam along to a race to do a race with a friend instead.  We will do a family Disney trip at some point, just not around the marathon.  Who knows maybe I started a new fall tradition.  Luckily Kansas City is an easy flight.  Also I am hereby invoking the marathon Gods to allow this to happen.  One reason I registered  so early is for no backing out.   No one can decide to visit us then, no one is allowed to get sick (including pets), no big work deadlines can come up, and no injuries.  I need for this to happen.  It’s about a heck of a lot more than running a race.

Bring on the barbecue and the Boulevard beer!!  Training starts in June!

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