Trail miles done!

Let's just pretend this is where I ran….actually Walnut Creek is quite pretty right now!
Let’s just pretend this is where I ran….actually Walnut Creek is quite pretty right now!

I finally got some trail prep in this weekend.  13 miles to be exact.  Never mind it was over two days…I pulled it off and that’s what matters.  Saturday I woke up at 4:15 and hit the road by 5:00 I managed a little over 9 miles in my neighborhood all by my lonesome, then threw on dry clothes, jumped in the car, and met Mark at Walnut Creek, and did 6 more miles.  It was pretty runnable out there which was good and I estimate a trail mile knocks down my current pace about 1-1.5 minutes.  When you are already pretty slow like me, this equates to a pretty long time for a 30K trail race, but I have a good idea of what I am looking at now, and I don’t feel completely freaked out.  Today I met Steve and Meghan for 7 miles more and it felt pretty smooth.  I realized I am definitely no longer a trail runner.  Maybe I’ll do this race again since Walnut Creek is my favorite trail in Austin, but I’m just so slow that trail running takes too dang long to do much else.   Really my favorite run is running along a dirt or fire road in the woods.  All of the scenery with none of the footing issues.  But we don’t have fire roads in city parks, so trails it will be to get my nature fix.  At any rate, I think I can handle 30K.  It will take me awhile, but I am very good at pacing myself.  I am not good at any other facet of running, but I can honestly say I am capable of usually running a smart race.  Whew…a bit of relief.  Now if I can somehow guarantee it won’t rain on race day…

Otherwise the running this week was a lot of treadmill.  Jasper is back to early wake ups, so there you go.  We posted the running stroller on Craig’s list, as it is officially the end of an era.  The treadmill purchase may have sped up the stroller’s demise.  Jasper is pretty happy to sit on the couch and play video games while I run, versus hopping in the stroller and playing games on my phone (I know, not much difference).  But, the last few times I ran with the stroller it was really heavy.  My low back bothered me some after, as hills are really a full body effort with all the weight now.  I know many of you push double strollers, and even triples, but I had hit a point where the running really suffered with just a single stroller.  I am really in awe of those who do more.   I guess I’d rather watch a show on the iPad and sweat it out on the treadmill at this point.  Anyhow, I’m thankful for my stroller running years.  We covered at least 2000+ miles in that thing.   It was my only way to get and get in a run, many, many times.   I tell someone to get a treadmill though if money is tight and you can’t get both.  The treadmill isn’t weather dependent, and even a sick kid won’t cancel out a treadmill run.  It can be a little boring at times, but it’s the ultimate tool to keep a parent from missing runs.

It was otherwise a low key weekend of a few chores, meeting friends for dinner and some swimming.  The main event takes place later tonight…Game of Thrones.  Yay!  Trail miles done, popcorn and Game of Thrones….heaven!



4 thoughts on “Trail miles done!”

  1. I did a little trail race a couple of weeks ago and told my hubby that I want trail shoes for our anniversary. My last half of the spring is may 3 and I think I’m going to take up trail running with the dog this summer….lots of shade and I’m just a bit burnt out on road running right now. Good luck on your race!

    1. Trail running is fun…there’s just that whole thing that it takes longer and not safe to do until it’s light out. As for shoes, I never found a pair of trail shoes I liked. They all seemed too stiff to me and my feet would start to hurt. Definitely try on anything before you buy…not a good online purchase. Good luck on your half!

      1. The Innov8 rep was at this race and let us run in some demo shoes. I definitely didn’t like the ones I used. But when I talked to the rep after and mentioned that I had flat feet, he said those definitely weren’t the shoes for me. I will go to my running store and see what they can do for me. I never buy running shoes online….with my flat feet and bum ankle, it’s too risky. The trails in Frankfort are kinda rough (they are more for mountain bikes), so I’d like to have something with some grip to it. I always try to make it easy on Michael when it comes to anniversary/valentines/birthday gifts so I told him we could just go shopping for trail shoes. Our anniversary is at the end of May so that’ll be perfect.

        It’s like I’m following in your footsteps with all this signing up for a marathon and now taking up trail running! When you think your blog isn’t reaching people, remember me. 🙂

      2. Thanks for your super nice comment! Our trails are very rocky here too…there are a lot more trail show options than there used to be. I just read nike has some new ones that might be worth checking out. I am so excited about your marathon/ trail running journey… You’ve got to document it on your blog….I enjoy reading yours too!

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